Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wedmin Series | Save Our Date

Next instalment of the wedmin series is our 'save the dates' and boy do they make me happy.

Sending save the date's was a debate that the fiance and I had and I won - hands down! He didn't really see the point in sending any as nearly all our guests have already pre-booked their accommodation HOWEVER, I am a stationary fiend therefore any excuse to make my own, then why the hell wouldn't I!

As with most brides-to-be, I turned to good old pinterest to start the quest for my perfect save the dates. I ended up with 4 different elements of different invitations I'd seen that I wanted to bring together! Now, I had no idea how this was going to happen but luckily, a very lovely and clever friend offered to help, and with her being a graphic designer, I bit her hand off!

Without further a'do, here is our 'Save the Date'...

As you can see, I opted for a chalkboard design with a pop of colour here and there. I really wanted to use the 'knot' element as I'd seen it on so many pinterest options (and it was something I'd never received myself) and as sad as it sounds, it had a really nice sound to it with our names (yup, I liked the little rhyme)!

The save the dates really do emulate *hopefully* elements that will feature within the wedding such as the mason jars, festoon lighting and the signpost on the back.

All have now been sent out and I've had so many lovely comments from my family and friends. It sounds really odd, but when I sent them out, I was so nervous about people's responses but thankfully, they've all been good.

Now to start thinking about the actual invites!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wedmin Series | The Photopgrapher

Well hello there!

It's been a little while since I last did a wedmin update but real life wedmin planning took over and I completely forgot to pop things down on here too.

Today I wanted to share with you our photographers and our journey on picking the right one for us.

This was one element of wedding planning I struggled a little with as photography is very subjective to the couple and what you'd like from your day - not to mention, it's quite a hefty chunk of the budget.

For us, as a couple, we're not a very photographed one (in our 11 year relationship, there is about 2/3 photo's of just the 2 of us) mainly because the other half absolutely hates having his photo taken so this wasn't going to be an easy task.
Our first look at photographers was at a wedding fair we attended together and we made it a mission to look at every photographer stand *yawn*. We discussed on our way to said wedding fair about styles we liked/disliked and agreed 100% that we really didn't want any posey/staged photos - it just didn't suit us at all, and as I said, the OH doesn't really like the camera so we wanted to make the whole experience as comfortable as we possibly could.

I mentioned in my wedding fair post that wedding suppliers can be quite forthcoming as they obviously want your booking but oh my, photographers were on a whole different level! Nearly all had their diaries out to check our date before we'd even opened an album and that really put me off. After a couple of stands, we started saying that we didn't have a date set yet just to get some breathing space.

We spent some time looking through their display albums and having a chat which gave us a little insight in to their style of photography and we came away from the wedding fair with only one possibility which was a bit naff.

Our next look was actually at a wedding fair at our venue - we weren't actually going to look at photographers as we'd already checked out the recommended one's from the venue but whilst nosing around the stalls, we came across Paul Joseph Photography. Paul was manning the stand, acknowledged us and left us to browse their albums which was a breath of fresh air - there was no pressure to discuss dates or anything. I think we both knew straight away that these guys would be a great fit but kept it to ourselves. We started chatting with Paul & Kelly (husband & wife team) and loved them straight away. We played it cool, took their business card and went on to the next stall.

With one last look online and chatting on forums, we were in between 2 so we arranged a skype chat with both one evening to help us make a final decision. Now, skyping seemed to be quite a popular thing however was a very strange concept to us but it wasn't weird at all!

I'll be honest, we finished our skype chat with Paul & Kelly and were pretty sure that they were our photographers - we had a really fun session and they just seemed to get us as a couple, not to mention that their portfolio is amazing! BOOKED!

And what a bonus, Kelly is one half of 'Boho Weddings Blog' - one of my favourite blogs out there! I really can't wait to share our day with them both and see what they can capture of my photo-phobe other half!

How did you find your photographer?

{349 days to go}

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Updating my skincare routine

Planning a wedding isn't all about what dress you're going to wear, how you're going to decorate and what flavour cake you're going to choose (although these are very big decisions of course), it's also about the beauty. 

I'm not the most consistent when it comes to a skincare routine - I start one up and keep it going for a little while then I get lazy and just stop! But, at the beginning of this year, I decided that I would get a skincare routine going that I WOULD keep up! I want to have beautiful skin on my wedding day, so in January, with 20 months to go, it was time to set about trying some products and finding some we could get on with. 

To set the scene, I have quite normal to combination skin - 90% of the time my skin is fine with no issues to note but there's that 10% of the time where I get dry patches. 

So, since January, I've been playing with some products and have finally found a routine that seems to be working. I feel that since I've been pretty consistent for the past 6 months on keeping up a routine I thought I'd share what's been working for me! 

First things first, good old Bioderma - can't really go wrong with a micellar water to get rid of the first layer of the day. I haven't yet tried any other micellar waters to be honest as I had such a stash of this from a previous visit to France but I love this step - it's quite refreshing. 

Once that's complete, I then use the Super Facialist by Una Brennan cleansing oil. I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this particular oil - it smells really funky - a really fake floral scent but I love using a cleansing oil. It makes the cleansing process so easy. A few splashes on the face, a quick massage, a splash of warm water to emulsify and then off with the all important flannel! 

I then use one of the First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads - I've always skipped a toner/exfoliater but after a mini facial in Origins, the lovely lady used the Origins facial pads and they really did make my face feel as smooth as a baby's bottom! So, I did some searching around and decided to give these a go and I really like them. They give a little sting to the face but nothing that can't be dealt with. 

My current eye cream/serum of choice is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum - as you can see, I only have a sample size of this which makes me sad because it's going to come to an end very soon but I'll definietly be repurchasing. It feels so luxurious under the eyes. I am a dark circle sufferer which is hereditary so nothing I can really do there but I like to make sure I hydrate as much as I can under my eyes as this is where most of my dryness comes in. 

Now moisturiser/serum wise I switch it up a bit - at present, my favourites are...
Origins Night a Mins - there is just something about origins products, they smells so damn good and this stuff is no exception. This is quite a thick consistency but sinks in very well indeed so doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. 

The serum I'm currently using is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum - again, this is just a little sample but I'll definitely repurchase. I have used other serums from cheaper brands but I do much prefer this one - I like the consistency and the fact that it sinks it almost instantly leaving no greasy residue. 

And finally, once or twice a week I like to pop on the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask for a good shot of moisture. This stuff again smells amazing - really fruity! I usually pop this stuff on before bed, left it sink in a little then off I go to sleep and wake up with lovely refreshed skin!    

What are your favourite skincare products? What would you recommend?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


It's been a little while hasn't it? Sorry - I've been a busy bee with wedding planning, work promotion and general life but I'm currently sat curled up on the sofa and had the urge to get my laptop out and say hello.

In recent weeks/months I've spent quite a considerable amount of time with my dearest friends and although that may not seem such a big thing, I only have 2 or 3 friends that live in my area so it's always a bit of a mission to see them. My nearest and dearest friends are all dotted around the country and unfortunately for me, means I don't get to see them as much as I want to.

None of my friends know about this little corner of the internet I have - they think it's weird that I use 'the twitter' let alone write a blog occasionally but I wanted to dedicate this post to these wonderful human beings who really make me smile all of the time, even though they won't ever see it.

I truly believe that I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful friends and so many 'best' friends that have become a huge part of my life. I don't have a big family and so my friends play a huge part in my life and this has really shown through in recent weeks.

A few weeks ago, my Nanna passed away very unexpectedly and I was actually spending the weekend with my Uni friends (we all have different group names for friends don't we?). I was 3 1/2 hours away from home and didn't really know what to do with myself to be honest. I've experienced my fair share of loss (and someone else's share) but it really doesn't get any easier getting the dreaded news. But, being with some of most wonderful ladies (and gents) that I know really did something to soften the blow. They may not have realised what they had done, but they made me feel completely normal for a little while - they comforted me, made me laugh and let me cry without any judgement.

Over the past few weeks, I've busied myself with my friends - I've had a raodtrip to Glasgow to see a friend who moved up there way back in April; then headed down to London for a surprise hello to another who has been roadtrippin it around USA since April and had a few local friend dates in between and it's been awesome!

I cannot express my love enough for the friendship groups I have in my life and although I may complain from time to time that any arrangements fall to me to make, I actually don't mind if it means spending time with them!

If you have some awesome friends in your life, let them know - shout it from the roof tops and keep a good grip on them - good friendships are hard to find!

Winnie the Pooh has the best quotes!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Book of Everyone Wedding Book*

When it comes to buying wedding gifts, I've always been one of those people that doesn't want to just buy off the gift list - I want to get something for the lovely couple that will mean something to them and is a little out of the ordinary. I have been known to make my own gifts before now and not to blow my own trumpet, but they've gone down pretty darn well!

An email recently popped in to my inbox with an opportunity to review The Book of Everyone Wedding Book - I clicked the link not really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Book of Everyone is a rather fancy book full of illustrations and photographs which give a snapshot of the person/s you are gifting it to. The Wedding Edition is just the same but it is two-fold with one half about the bride then flip it over for it to be all about the groom. 60 pages full of fun info-graphics with information all about some wonderful people.

It came in a lovely soft-touch display box which all adds to a lovely gift for someone. I created this book about myself and my fiance to see how it turned out and I love it - I think it's such a lovely gift for a couple to keep and I'm sure I'll be purchasing a few for some upcoming weddings I've got.

 Bride side...
Flip it over for the groom

The process of creating the book was very simple - there's some forms to complete with all the important info such as names/dates etc and form that, it will auto-create the book. Then as you go through, there are options to edit certain pages with different colour options and even the chance to upload your own photos.

They also offer different types of books and I think this would be a perfect gift for someone who is celebrating a 'big number birthday' - it would be a great keepsake and a nostalgic gift for them - obviously wouldn't be great if they were a little touchy about their age!

The wedding book costs £44.50 for a boxed hardback version or a boxed deluxe version is £64.50.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wedmin series | Theme

One of my favourite parts of wedding planning so far is sorting out a theme that we wanted to go with and then running with it! I have spent endless hours on pinterest and google images trying to find inspiration and ideas of what I can and cannot do.

I think it's important to think about your venue - will your theme suit? I had originally thought about a very pretty/floral/bunting esq theme, which although will probably go, wouldn't quite look right. I think the most important thing is to find something you're both happy with and stick to it - don't get carried away by what others are doing.

We decided quite early on what our theme would be and how it would plan out at our venue but I know it can be quite a tricky element of wedding planning and quite easy to get carried away - especially with the likes of pinterest around these days.
As we're getting married in a barn we decided on a rustic theme which some may say cliche, but it really does suit our style. It's a very common theme therefore there is quite a lot out there inspiration wise which is rather handy.

I don't want to give too much away our full theme (I'll leave it until afterwards and let the photo's do the talking) but one of the things that I really wanted within the wedding was some old rustic apple crates. They really are everywhere at the moment and I just love how versatile they can be *see below pinterest pics*.


I plan on having these throughout the wedding for different uses and my Dad has been very busy building away making his own from some old pallets - surprisingly it's rather easy to knock some up. But, in my search for ideas, I came across a '' who sell a whole range of personalised products including apple crates.

They were very kind in sending me a few items and I could not be happier with them. The apple crates* are just perfect and actually rather large - I didn't read the description really so when they arrived I was rather taken aback by how big they were.

 Minx wanted to get in on the action too...
I think she might think that this is for her box - she is a cat after all.

The apple crates also came with some liners for use in the garden and although we're not the biggest of gardeners, we do dabble in planted herbs so will be most definitely making use of these post wedding!

You can personalise them with pretty much anything you want really - they don't have to be wedding themed, if you have a budding gardener you wanted to buy for I think these would be perfect!

I also received a personalised cheeseboard* which I cannot wait to use - we're both big lovers of cheese, like, really really love it so it's definitely going be featured in the wedding menu somewhere (possibly a cake of cheese-watch this space) and this is going to fit perfectly!

The bottom of the cheeseboard slides out and have 4 knives inside 

I honestly couldn't recommend enough - the quality of the products is excellent and they arrived so quickly and I think the prices are so reasonable (especially compared with other personalised sites out there). I will definitely be picking up some more bits, not just for the wedding but for some special gifts.