Sunday, 16 August 2009

Benefit Haul!

I got paid last week so decided that on friday, after finishing work early, I would venture into Chester to do a bit of make-up shopping (also a perfect opportunity to meet my Boyfriend for some dinner)!
Anyway, my intention was to have a look at the new mac collection, but I can only purchase mac within a debenhams and the MA's just aren't that helpful -well I have never found them to be anyway.

So, I wandered over to benefit instead and purchased a few things:

I was reading Hele's blog recently about her love for the creasless shadows so thought I'd see what the fuss was about - I LOVED THEM! On this occasion I decided to only buy one (RSVP) but I will be purchasing some more with next months pay!

On the benefit website, these creamless shadows claim to be 'Blendable, beautiful...this do-it-all shadow lines, shades, and contours your eyes with a lovely crease-proof, smudge-proof formula'. To be fair I have only used this since Friday (and it's now only Sunday) but I think they're fab! Previously I have been using mac paintpots as a base but this has a much better formula and my eyeshadow has stayed on ALL day! Big thumbs up from me!

I also purchased some of the velvet eyeshadows (again after reading Hele's blog).
These are designed to provide soft, velvety colour for your eyes and they do indeed! I did a few swatched while I was waiting for a MA to finish with another customer and decided there and then that I had to have one (at least)! They feel very smooth indeed and the colour was fab! In the end I bought 2 of them: Leggy (on the left) and Fawn over me (on the right): Finally, I bought the erase paste (in number 2). On the benefit website, it says 'this concentrated, creamy, blendable concealer instantly brightens & camouflages all-in-one'. I suffer quite badly with dark circles under my eyes and have tried many concealers that just don't seem to hide them. After watching kelanjo19 on youtube, I decided to give this a try and it's amazing! I can really notice a difference straight away! I may do a seperate post just on this product with before and after pictures if I'm brave enough)!

Anyway, just a small haul - and I love all the products I got! Can defiantely see myself using all the products on a regular basis! Tra for now x x x

Here goes...

Well this is my attempt at a blog - after following blogs/youtube channels since Christmas, I thought I'd give it a whirl! As my blog name explains - I am a newbie into the world of make-up so I am no expert but I thought I'd keep a blog of hauls/things that interest me and also try out some of the looks that people post from a newbies perspective (see how easy it really is)!

Hope you guys like following me, and please leave a comment!

Tra x x x