Monday, 14 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Over the next few weeks I’m so busy – exactly the way I like it! Over the summer, would you believe, it has been rather quiet for me both in work and socially (that seems really strange as surely this is when people should be out isn’t it??). Anyway, work has started to become very busy and I have lots of conferences to attend which means I get to travel out of the office!

Also, I have lots of social gatherings coming up – YEY! And it all starts this week-I will be travelling to Bournemouth on Wednesday/Thursday for a work thing and then on Saturday I am off down to meet with most of my uni friends! My best friend from uni got engaged recently, so this will be the first time that we are all together to celebrate – can’t wait!

Then next week, I have a week’s annual leave booked off – at the moment there are no plans as I have an appointment with my knee consultant on the Monday so it all depends on how that goes! Regardless of how that goes though, I will be attending a wedding on the Friday and I cannot wait!! I LOVE weddings – I’m one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since the age of 10 (sad as that is to admit) and I just love them! That one day to be a total princess! Next week’s wedding is the boyfriend’s sister and I thought I’d share with you my outfit for the day!

Earlier this year, I had a promotion in work which came with a pretty hefty pay rise :-) so me and my friend Laura went shopping with my first months wages! I had decided that I wouldn’t spend for the sake of spending, but I wouldn’t hold back if I wanted something, and when I saw this dress-I wanted it! I would never usually wear a long dress – they just don’t seem to suit me for some reason, but I just fell in love with this! It was from H&M and it was only £39.99-bargain! I don’t really think the picture does it justice, but it’s silk and I kind of pewter colour. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the straps are plaited so it gives a kind of Grecian feel. When I bought the dress, I didn’t have a clue when I’d wear it, I just knew I wanted it!(sorry about the poor quality picture)

On my feet, I will be wearing these flip flops – unfortunately, I have major problems with my knee after a ski accident a few years back, which limits my shoe wearing to flats :-( As it is now the end of summer-there are hardly any flats around (we were only given 5 weeks’ notice for this wedding which is why I’ve left it till now to look for shoes) so I have ended up with these. There not too bad, and they’ll be pretty much covered with the dress and were only £2.40 in an accessorize outlet store so can’t really complain.

I’m also planning on wearing a cream pashmina which I don’t have to picture as it’s at my house and I’m at the boyfriends at the moment!

Any thoughts on what I could do make-up wise? As I’ve said before I’m new to the whole make-up world and am not very daring, so I’m thinking a neutral look – maybe restrospect with a sable on the outer V for the eyes – any thoughts? x x

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