Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hair History & New buy


Yes the blog posts have been thin on the ground since I started, but that weekend I slightly injured myself and have been on crutches since – and to be quite honest, I have been pretty knackered and generally fed up so haven’t quite felt like doing anything.

Anyway, I have made a few purchases over the past few weeks and have a few things that I’d like to blog about, so there should be a few updates over the next few days.

This one is going to be about hair! I thought I’d do a kind of hair history post as I have changed it quite a few times over the years and have finally decided that enough is enough and will be sticking with how I am now! I am so lazy when it comes to my hair – as you will see from some of these pics, but I have decided that I will now pay much more attention to it!

The below picture is of me at about 3yrs old – so a blonde kind of bob – I have a lot of hair in the photo lol!

I can’t seem to find any photo’s then of me during school (well any that I would voluntarily put on here anyway). The next photo is of me on the evening of my A-level results. I really like my hair here, lovely and blonde, nice length and has some shape to it.

Next is during my first year of uni – I decided that I would go brown! I went home for Easter holidays blonde and arrived back at un brown! Only last about a year and half and then I went back blonde.

The next picture shows how lazy I get – it’s so long! I hadn’t had it cut for AGES and it was such a pain being this long – although, looking at this picture, I actually quite like it.

Then I decided that I was bored of it being so long and had it all chopped off – quite a shock when I came out of the hairdressers to have it so short, but it was summer and hell of a lot easier to maintain.

Then, in Feb this year, whilst my boyfriend was on holiday, I decided I wanted a change and so went brown again – BIG MISTAKE! It really didn’t take this time. It wasn’t too bad after I had just been to the hairdressers, but when I did it myself at home it went a horrible orangey colour so it had to go!

So now I am back to being blonde and this is it for me! Although I do need to keep having it coloured. As I said I am lazy, and went to the hairdressers for a colour this weekend for the first time since May (GASP)! My roots were awful! But I made a pact with my hairdresser that I would make an effort from now on!

So as I thought I would start making an effort with my hair, and having a look through videos on Holly’s youtube channel, I decided to invest in a conical wand. I went for the 25-13mm one as I haven’t got as much hair as Holly, but I love it! I love my hair when it’s curly, but haven’t got the patience to do it with straighteners or curlers so I thought this would be a good alternative – and it is! Although I don’t look it, I have A LOT of hair (the hairdresser hates doing foils on me) and it only took about half an hour to do my whole head! Below is a pic, but please bear in mind I did only get this today so this is my first attempt, but not bad ey?!

I got mine from and paid £24.45 delivered which isn’t too bad!

Hope you like! X X


  1. The curly hair suits you :)this conical wand sounds really good, may have to invest in one x

  2. Yeah you should, it's my favourite new toy - went to a wedding yesterday and curled my hair and had so many comments off people about it :-)

  3. The curly hair suits you :)this conical wand sounds really good, may have to invest in one x


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