Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hiya, So just want to say Hi to my new subscribers-thanks for following,
hopefully it'll be of some interest!
Anyway, this post is just a little haul of a few things that I have picked
up recently and I thought I'd just pop it all in one post, so here goes:

First of all we have some more of the benefit creaseless shadows - I love
these! I got 'tattle tale' and 'my dates my brother'! I'm a really neutral
colour and don't really experiment much with colour, so these 2 are really
good wearable neutral colours that go very well with most of the shadows
that I have already! One thing about me is that I love a bargain, and will
search around to find products that are discounted and I actually got both
these creaseless shadows off ebay for around £4 each (unfortunately I had
the tattle tale one in my bag with me for a while and it's gotten a bit

I also picked up Mac's Antiqued e/s from my local CCO - I love this store,
and to be honest, most of my Mac collection if from here! I love this colour
and have worn it pretty much all week so very happy with this purchase!

On to some blush products - I'm not really a blush person but I have read so
many blogs recently about the new Barry M blushers that I thought I just had
to go out and buy one and see what the fuss was about! I opted for No1 which
is Pink Orchid, mainly because the pigmentation of them is crazy and I was a
little scared of all the other colours - may be something I can try when I'm
feeling a little more adventurous! However I do really like it, give me a
pretty flushed look without looking like I've been playing in my mam's
make-up box! I would agree with all the comments that have already been said
about the packaging but another thing that I've noticed (maybe it's just me)
but mine has a really sweet sickly smell which I'm not liking that much, but
I'll get over it!

I also got benefit's dandelion blusher (again off ebay for £10!) - I have
wanted this for ages and couldn't bring myself to spend £22.50 on it at the
moment! I only got it today so I haven't had chance to play with it yet, but
I love the colour I've gotten from doing a quick swatch - may try it
tomorrow at the wedding and see how it goes!

I also purchased the L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer - I read about this on
the lovely Holly's blog and decided that I had to go and get it so have been
looking in every superdrug or boots that I come across but had no luck until
I ended up in the Trafford Centre on Monday! I've only used it a couple of
times, so a bit early to give a true review of it just yet, but so far I
love the texture of it - makes my skin feel really soft and velvety, I can
notice a slight difference after use but not a major difference, maybe I
need to use a little more???

 Finally is the Revlon contour shadow brush. I saw this on Tallulah Bella's
blog where she did a review on it against Mac's 226 brush and as the mac
brush was sold out, I decided to try the next best thing. As with the
L'Oreal studio secrets range, my local Superdrug doesn't stock the Revlon
brushes, so whilst at the Trafford centre I was very happy to get my hands
of this brush and I LOVE IT! I usually use the 224 brush, but as like many
others, it's just too big for my eyes - great blending brush once I'm done,
but not to help with the process! So I'm very happy with this brush and
hopefully mac will release the 226 again with another collection so I can
buy the real thing, but until then, I'm content with my £7.97 dupe!

Thanks for reading

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