Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A few bits for me...

Like with make-up, I have always been a little bit behind with fashion - I always find that I get there in the end but I just have to see it quite a bit on other people before I think, 'Yeah, I could wear that'! -weird I know :-)

Anyway, whilst I've been off, I did get a couple of items that I have been wanting for a while!

First up is a blazer - now this look has been around for quite a while I know and I finally found one that I like and wasn't too expensive! This was from New Look and cost £25. I decided that I didn't want a black blazer so took me a while to find a nice grey one that I liked but here it is...

The other thing that I bought was some new boots. Before my physio started, I had a day out with a very good friend Laura and whilst she was looking for some ankle boots, I saw these and decided that I just had to get them! Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in that store, so I had the lovely and very helpful shop assistant phone around so many shops and finally located some!

They are so comfy! I haven't worn anything else since I bought them! Becuase of my problems with my knee, I can't wear heels (but hopefully that will change once I'm sorted) so these are perfect! I love the colour of them and I love the buckle on the side!

As usual, I coudn't resist popping in to Accessorize - I honestly love this shop! My boyfriend tries so hard to walk us away from the shop lol! Anyway, whilst on my own, I decided to pop in and bought myself 2 necklaces that are so cute! One is a little clock and the other is a heart shape with a little bird image on it too!

Anyway, just a few things! Hope you like! Speak soon x x x


  1. Hello :)

    I love your blazer...I have it in an almost plum colour so you have good taste lol! I love the clock necklace too


  2. Hello!

    Thank you very much! Wow a plum one-where did you get that from? xx

  3. Hello!

    Thank you very much! Wow a plum one-where did you get that from? xx


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