Sunday, 29 November 2009

In and Out: #2

Hey all,

Here's my in's and out's from the last few weeks:


Elf: I made my first ELF order this week and was extremely impressed with the delivery-ordered it on Thursday late evening and it was with me on Friday - I've heard so many people mention how quick they deliver but was still very suprised! I made the order after watching Holly's video on some of her recent purchases - I did order the daily brush cleanser (smells like the cucumber skincare range in Boots) which is very good, the peechykeen blusher which Holly had recommended and then made a few other purchases which I will do a seperate blog for later this week once I've used them a bit!

Christmas: I put the Christmas decorations up today at my parents house! Yes I know it's still November, but I have always been the one to put up the decs at home and this weekend was the only time that I'm free before I go away on holiday! It was so good to put them up though - feel so Christmassy now! All my Xmas presents have now been bought and wrapped and the cards have been written - feel very prepared this year!

Holiday: Yes, you're probably sick and tired of hearing me mention this, but I'm off on holiday soon (14th December to be percise lol) and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Me and the boyf are off to New York for a few days and then driving over to Canada till the 28th so will be spending Xmas day in Canada with snow hopefully! Really can't contain myself lol!!!!


Broken Boiler: The boiler at my house broke this week so had no heat at the beginning of the week until I borrowed some heaters from work! It's ridiculous how cold it is in the mornings! Fingers crossed the new boiler arrives this week and is installed quickly - I'm not good in the cold!

Early mornings: I work flexi time at work and have quite a bit of it at the moment with no time to take it off so have been having to keep and eye on any extra work that I do so that it doesn't build up anymore which means going in around 9ish rather than half 7/8ish so have been having a few lie ins - until this week and had to be in early nearly everyday which has been a real shock to the system!

Hair: I decided after my last hair cut that I wanted my long locks back, and whereas usually my hair grows really quickly, it has decided this time to just take its time :-( ah well, I'll just have to give it time!

Speak soon xxx

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sore eyes...

Hi everyone,

I need some guidance on eyecare and I'm hoping you might be able to help! I mentioned in my last post that I am really struggling with my dark circles and it's just getting worse - they are really sore, red and stinging! I don't know why they're like this but does anyone have any suggestions - they're really dry and are in desperate need of getting some moisture back in to them! I was thinking of trying the new origins eye cream that Holly was raving about, but I was wondering if anyone else has anything else to suggest, or shall I just go for the origins cream?

Hope you can help :-) x x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

In & Out: #1

Hi All,

Hope you're all well and had a good halloween!

I've just been reading Lollipop 26's latest post about her In's and Out's so I thought I'd try my own out, so here goes...(many may not beauty related this time round)


Winter: This is a bit of a weird one for me as I'm always cold and don't particularly like being cold (I moan all the time) but I do love the winter! I love being able to wrap up in lots of layers and wear wooly hats/gloves/scarves! I am currently stocking up on all the necessities for the winter (including and obsene amount of baselayers) as I'm off to New York and Canada in December so my Christmas is going to be extremely cold and snowy (hopefully)!

Singstar: This has to be the best money I have ever spent lol! I recently bought a secondhand ps2 for this sole reason, so when me and my uni friends get together we can sing all night long, which is what we did last Saturday night! Spent a whole 5 hours singing away (much to the neighbours dismay probably) and they've released the Take That game so I can imagine there will be much singing the next time we're together!

Sleek: I love this brand of make-up. I find it very worthwhile money wise and the colour pay off is fantastic (as you all know I'm sure). I recently picked up a few bits from their range which was the Pixie Pink blush and the pout polish in electro peach! I did buy the Barry M blush a while back and although I love the colour, mine has quite a sickly smell to go with it and I avoid getting it out to use unfortunately, but I think that this sleek one is quite a similar colour and it doesn't smell! I have worn it everyday since Saturday and have actually had quite a few comments about it! The pout polish is amazing! I bought one of the mac's tinted lip conditioners and I do love it and have used it quite a bit, but the colour pay off with this one is so incredible!

Bargains: I am and always have been a bargain hunter - I love finding deals or discount codes for things that I buy and I love this time of year when DVD's etc are all cheaper for the run up to Xmas!  This week I bought the full 1-10 series boxset of Friends for £40!


Dark circles: I recenlt posted that I had started to follow the same technique that Zoe has posted about to cover under eye circles and this is very good, but for some reason at the moment my eyes are awful! Maybe I'll have to give the origins GinZing eye cream a go that Holly has been raving about!

Payday: I get paid on the 12th of each month, so this week every month is always a tough one :-( very much looking forward to Thursday for my pay to go in!

MAC: I went to my local mac counter yesterday all prepared to try out some of the new eyeshadow palettes from the Holiday collection but it was SO busy that I couldn't get anywhere near them to try let alone buy anything! Will have to go during the week me thinks when there is less people around!

What are your in's and out's? XX