Sunday, 29 November 2009

In and Out: #2

Hey all,

Here's my in's and out's from the last few weeks:


Elf: I made my first ELF order this week and was extremely impressed with the delivery-ordered it on Thursday late evening and it was with me on Friday - I've heard so many people mention how quick they deliver but was still very suprised! I made the order after watching Holly's video on some of her recent purchases - I did order the daily brush cleanser (smells like the cucumber skincare range in Boots) which is very good, the peechykeen blusher which Holly had recommended and then made a few other purchases which I will do a seperate blog for later this week once I've used them a bit!

Christmas: I put the Christmas decorations up today at my parents house! Yes I know it's still November, but I have always been the one to put up the decs at home and this weekend was the only time that I'm free before I go away on holiday! It was so good to put them up though - feel so Christmassy now! All my Xmas presents have now been bought and wrapped and the cards have been written - feel very prepared this year!

Holiday: Yes, you're probably sick and tired of hearing me mention this, but I'm off on holiday soon (14th December to be percise lol) and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Me and the boyf are off to New York for a few days and then driving over to Canada till the 28th so will be spending Xmas day in Canada with snow hopefully! Really can't contain myself lol!!!!


Broken Boiler: The boiler at my house broke this week so had no heat at the beginning of the week until I borrowed some heaters from work! It's ridiculous how cold it is in the mornings! Fingers crossed the new boiler arrives this week and is installed quickly - I'm not good in the cold!

Early mornings: I work flexi time at work and have quite a bit of it at the moment with no time to take it off so have been having to keep and eye on any extra work that I do so that it doesn't build up anymore which means going in around 9ish rather than half 7/8ish so have been having a few lie ins - until this week and had to be in early nearly everyday which has been a real shock to the system!

Hair: I decided after my last hair cut that I wanted my long locks back, and whereas usually my hair grows really quickly, it has decided this time to just take its time :-( ah well, I'll just have to give it time!

Speak soon xxx

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