Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hiya, So just want to say Hi to my new subscribers-thanks for following,
hopefully it'll be of some interest!
Anyway, this post is just a little haul of a few things that I have picked
up recently and I thought I'd just pop it all in one post, so here goes:

First of all we have some more of the benefit creaseless shadows - I love
these! I got 'tattle tale' and 'my dates my brother'! I'm a really neutral
colour and don't really experiment much with colour, so these 2 are really
good wearable neutral colours that go very well with most of the shadows
that I have already! One thing about me is that I love a bargain, and will
search around to find products that are discounted and I actually got both
these creaseless shadows off ebay for around £4 each (unfortunately I had
the tattle tale one in my bag with me for a while and it's gotten a bit

I also picked up Mac's Antiqued e/s from my local CCO - I love this store,
and to be honest, most of my Mac collection if from here! I love this colour
and have worn it pretty much all week so very happy with this purchase!

On to some blush products - I'm not really a blush person but I have read so
many blogs recently about the new Barry M blushers that I thought I just had
to go out and buy one and see what the fuss was about! I opted for No1 which
is Pink Orchid, mainly because the pigmentation of them is crazy and I was a
little scared of all the other colours - may be something I can try when I'm
feeling a little more adventurous! However I do really like it, give me a
pretty flushed look without looking like I've been playing in my mam's
make-up box! I would agree with all the comments that have already been said
about the packaging but another thing that I've noticed (maybe it's just me)
but mine has a really sweet sickly smell which I'm not liking that much, but
I'll get over it!

I also got benefit's dandelion blusher (again off ebay for £10!) - I have
wanted this for ages and couldn't bring myself to spend £22.50 on it at the
moment! I only got it today so I haven't had chance to play with it yet, but
I love the colour I've gotten from doing a quick swatch - may try it
tomorrow at the wedding and see how it goes!

I also purchased the L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer - I read about this on
the lovely Holly's blog and decided that I had to go and get it so have been
looking in every superdrug or boots that I come across but had no luck until
I ended up in the Trafford Centre on Monday! I've only used it a couple of
times, so a bit early to give a true review of it just yet, but so far I
love the texture of it - makes my skin feel really soft and velvety, I can
notice a slight difference after use but not a major difference, maybe I
need to use a little more???

 Finally is the Revlon contour shadow brush. I saw this on Tallulah Bella's
blog where she did a review on it against Mac's 226 brush and as the mac
brush was sold out, I decided to try the next best thing. As with the
L'Oreal studio secrets range, my local Superdrug doesn't stock the Revlon
brushes, so whilst at the Trafford centre I was very happy to get my hands
of this brush and I LOVE IT! I usually use the 224 brush, but as like many
others, it's just too big for my eyes - great blending brush once I'm done,
but not to help with the process! So I'm very happy with this brush and
hopefully mac will release the 226 again with another collection so I can
buy the real thing, but until then, I'm content with my £7.97 dupe!

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Here is my face of the day today – I didn’t really do anything today, and to be quite honest, didn’t get out of bed until about 12 J

So, as I had nothing to do today, I thought I’d have a little play with some make up and try a similar look to something Lollipop26 had in this video


Products used:

·         Clinique Superbalanced makeup foundation - 03 Ivory
·         Benefit’s Erase Paste – No2
·         No 7 Crème Touch Face Powder - 11 Candlelight
·         Max Factor Bronzing Powder – 01 Golden
·         Mac Paint Pot – Painterly
·         Elf Mineral eyeshadow – Natural
·         Mac Antiqued eyeshadow in the crease
·         Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in brown/black

I know it doesn’t look amazing, but I am learning! I’m sure there will be a few more FOTD this week as I will be trying out some make up routines for the wedding on Friday so please bear with me!

Tra for now

Cat xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Over the next few weeks I’m so busy – exactly the way I like it! Over the summer, would you believe, it has been rather quiet for me both in work and socially (that seems really strange as surely this is when people should be out isn’t it??). Anyway, work has started to become very busy and I have lots of conferences to attend which means I get to travel out of the office!

Also, I have lots of social gatherings coming up – YEY! And it all starts this week-I will be travelling to Bournemouth on Wednesday/Thursday for a work thing and then on Saturday I am off down to meet with most of my uni friends! My best friend from uni got engaged recently, so this will be the first time that we are all together to celebrate – can’t wait!

Then next week, I have a week’s annual leave booked off – at the moment there are no plans as I have an appointment with my knee consultant on the Monday so it all depends on how that goes! Regardless of how that goes though, I will be attending a wedding on the Friday and I cannot wait!! I LOVE weddings – I’m one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since the age of 10 (sad as that is to admit) and I just love them! That one day to be a total princess! Next week’s wedding is the boyfriend’s sister and I thought I’d share with you my outfit for the day!

Earlier this year, I had a promotion in work which came with a pretty hefty pay rise :-) so me and my friend Laura went shopping with my first months wages! I had decided that I wouldn’t spend for the sake of spending, but I wouldn’t hold back if I wanted something, and when I saw this dress-I wanted it! I would never usually wear a long dress – they just don’t seem to suit me for some reason, but I just fell in love with this! It was from H&M and it was only £39.99-bargain! I don’t really think the picture does it justice, but it’s silk and I kind of pewter colour. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the straps are plaited so it gives a kind of Grecian feel. When I bought the dress, I didn’t have a clue when I’d wear it, I just knew I wanted it!(sorry about the poor quality picture)

On my feet, I will be wearing these flip flops – unfortunately, I have major problems with my knee after a ski accident a few years back, which limits my shoe wearing to flats :-( As it is now the end of summer-there are hardly any flats around (we were only given 5 weeks’ notice for this wedding which is why I’ve left it till now to look for shoes) so I have ended up with these. There not too bad, and they’ll be pretty much covered with the dress and were only £2.40 in an accessorize outlet store so can’t really complain.

I’m also planning on wearing a cream pashmina which I don’t have to picture as it’s at my house and I’m at the boyfriends at the moment!

Any thoughts on what I could do make-up wise? As I’ve said before I’m new to the whole make-up world and am not very daring, so I’m thinking a neutral look – maybe restrospect with a sable on the outer V for the eyes – any thoughts? x x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Benefit Earse Paste- before and after

In an earlier post I mentioned that I’d bought the benefit erase paste and may do a before and after post – well I thought I may as well!

I have really dark circles under my eyes, as you can see from the pictures and have searched for years to find something that would cover them without looking cakey. Over the years I have tried YSL’s touché éclat, other copy cats of this, benefits boing, mac’s select cover up and many others and some have worked somewhat and others have simply failed.

So, I tried the erase paste in the hope that it would work – and it did! I find this really easy to apply, really light on my skin and doesn’t look like I’ve caked it on!

To apply, I just use my fingers to dab it around the eye and then use a concealer brush to blend it in.

So here is the before pics:

And the after pics:

What do you think?

Monday, 7 September 2009

Blog Contest - F.A.B. by Nicola

Back around Christmas time I hadn't even heard about blogging/youtubing until I read an article in Company magazine about Lollipop26 and her youtube channel. So I was bored and decided to have a look and see what it was all about. I hadn't really used make-up all that much in the past, other than on nights out. From that day onwards, I decided that I would try and be a lot more girly and started looking further into the youtube world and subsequently into the world of blogging. Since then I have come across a number of really good bloggers who I can't go a day without checking to see if there are any new posts.

One of them is the lovely Nicola of F.A.B by Nicola. I really like her fashion updates as well as her beauty blogging. At the moment, she has a very generous contest going on, so go check her out and subscribe and enter her contest - she's lovely!

That's all for now folks! X X

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tag: Getting to know me, getting to know you

As I’m new to the blogger world, I thought I’d do this tag that I found on TalluluhBella’s blog so that you can get to know a bit more about me.

What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username?

Well as I am new to the blogger world and also to the beauty world itself, I thought it would be apt.

What's your actual name?


Do you have any nicknames?

I was called Mousey in school due to my big ears. Know, I’m called crutchy, cripple due to the fact that I am on crutches and have been injured following a ski accident nearly 3 years ago.

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?

I love reading – I tend to go straight to either the tear jerkers section in book shops – I love to have a good cry every now and again! I also enjoy going to the cinema, again love films that I can have a good cry at and typically love rom coms.

What do you do?

I am a Project Co-ordinator for a small children’s charity.

What would you like to do?

I have decided recently, after any years of research that I would like to become an events organiser/wedding planner. I absolutely love Weddings – and am currently helping 2 of my best friends to plan their wedding and would love to do it for a living.

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?

Not sure if it’s that embarrassing, but I have been planning my own wedding since I was 10yrs old. I have a wedding box that I started years ago with cut outs/idea’s for my own wedding – all I need know is to get engaged.

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you

I live in a little village in North Wales and have lived here all of my life other than when I was at University. At uni, I studied Law and Marketing with the intention of going on to convert to full Law, but was completely bored of the subject so am still trying to decide on my future J

What achievement are you most proud of?
Up until now, I think I am most proud of my degree – whilst in my final year of uni (in the run up to my finals) I had to take 3 months out to come back home to Wales for intensive physiotherapy due to a ski accident but I worked my butt off and still graduated with a 2:1.

What do you most like about yourself?

I am a very good friend. I will always try and make time for all of my friends and will make an effort to call/text/email all of the time to catch up with everyone. As I went to uni in Bristol, all of my uni friends are based down South so I work hard to get down to see them on a regular basis.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

I’m sure most girls would say this, but I would probably have a better figure. At the moment I am a size 12, and I’m not bothered about what size I am, but would love to have a better figure with narrower hips.

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?

There are lots of things, but I think more than anything I would like to have a happy and long life with my boyfriend – cheese I know!

I tag anyone and everyone who would like to do this tag.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hair History & New buy


Yes the blog posts have been thin on the ground since I started, but that weekend I slightly injured myself and have been on crutches since – and to be quite honest, I have been pretty knackered and generally fed up so haven’t quite felt like doing anything.

Anyway, I have made a few purchases over the past few weeks and have a few things that I’d like to blog about, so there should be a few updates over the next few days.

This one is going to be about hair! I thought I’d do a kind of hair history post as I have changed it quite a few times over the years and have finally decided that enough is enough and will be sticking with how I am now! I am so lazy when it comes to my hair – as you will see from some of these pics, but I have decided that I will now pay much more attention to it!

The below picture is of me at about 3yrs old – so a blonde kind of bob – I have a lot of hair in the photo lol!

I can’t seem to find any photo’s then of me during school (well any that I would voluntarily put on here anyway). The next photo is of me on the evening of my A-level results. I really like my hair here, lovely and blonde, nice length and has some shape to it.

Next is during my first year of uni – I decided that I would go brown! I went home for Easter holidays blonde and arrived back at un brown! Only last about a year and half and then I went back blonde.

The next picture shows how lazy I get – it’s so long! I hadn’t had it cut for AGES and it was such a pain being this long – although, looking at this picture, I actually quite like it.

Then I decided that I was bored of it being so long and had it all chopped off – quite a shock when I came out of the hairdressers to have it so short, but it was summer and hell of a lot easier to maintain.

Then, in Feb this year, whilst my boyfriend was on holiday, I decided I wanted a change and so went brown again – BIG MISTAKE! It really didn’t take this time. It wasn’t too bad after I had just been to the hairdressers, but when I did it myself at home it went a horrible orangey colour so it had to go!

So now I am back to being blonde and this is it for me! Although I do need to keep having it coloured. As I said I am lazy, and went to the hairdressers for a colour this weekend for the first time since May (GASP)! My roots were awful! But I made a pact with my hairdresser that I would make an effort from now on!

So as I thought I would start making an effort with my hair, and having a look through videos on Holly’s youtube channel, I decided to invest in a conical wand. I went for the 25-13mm one as I haven’t got as much hair as Holly, but I love it! I love my hair when it’s curly, but haven’t got the patience to do it with straighteners or curlers so I thought this would be a good alternative – and it is! Although I don’t look it, I have A LOT of hair (the hairdresser hates doing foils on me) and it only took about half an hour to do my whole head! Below is a pic, but please bear in mind I did only get this today so this is my first attempt, but not bad ey?!

I got mine from and paid £24.45 delivered which isn’t too bad!

Hope you like! X X