Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 – New Start

Happy New Year everyone – and a big hello to all my new subscribers! Hope you all had a really good Christmas and New Year and have eaten far too much!

As some of you may know, I recently went on holiday which was absolutely amazing! Me and my boyfriend went to New York for a few days and then drove over to Canada where my Nanna lives and spent Christmas with her before heading off to Niagara falls for a few days! We had an amazing holiday – New York is just magical at Christmas time, I would recommend everyone to go and visit at that time if you get the chance!

Top Left: Me outside Tiffany's on 5th Ave, Top Right: Sunset over NY
Bottom Left: View of Times Square from the Empire State, Bottom Right: View of the Empire State from the Rockefeller Centre

Every New Year, as I’m sure most of you do, I try and set myself some achievable goals (which turn out to be not so achievable lol)! This year I think I will just try and keep them very simple and things that I know I can actually achieve or finish!

1: The biggy I think has to be to try my hardest to be healthier – in my eating and exercise! I am a really fussy eater (always have been since I was a baby) and consequently, I don’t eat very much fruit and veg! Over the years, since being with my boyfriend, I have started eating better, and like a child, if the food is disguised well- I find that I eat it! So I’m hoping that I can continue with this and expand my list of foods that I will eat! As for exercise, my life currently involves NONE! Call me lazy (and you’d be right) but I just don’t have the time or effort to do anything! Over the past few years I have used my problems with my knee as an excuse, but as it’s nearly all sorted, I can no-longer (DAMN)! So, last year I bought quite an expensive new bike and I think this year I will start to use it (fingers crossed anyway)!

2. When I started this blog, I wanted to keep it updated on a regular basis, and as you can see that clearly didn't happen! So, with a new year, I will vow now to ensure that I update my blog at least once a week (don’t want you all to get sick of meJ) even if it’s just to say hi! I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and hopefully there are some people out there who will enjoy reading mine! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to me do, blog post wise!

3. Really stick to a skin care routine! I am sooooo bad at starting a new routine and being all excited about then getting bored or lazy and forgetting about it! This time round, I really want to get one started and stick to it! My skin is quite sensitive so I have to be careful of what I try – any recommendations please send them my way!

4. Following the above goal, I think I should input ‘try and stick to a beauty regime in general’! Over the past year, since reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube, I have bought quite a bit of make-up and beauty related products, yet I hardly ever wear them! Considering the amount of money spent, I think it’s only right that I make use of it otherwise I may have well just saved it! So I think this year I will make more of an effort with myself starting with my hair – I said in another post that I need to actually pay more attention to my bleached hair including giving it some proper treats to keep it in some form of good condition (think I’m going to invest in some Kerastase hair products) and also getting it done more often-I leave it far too long before I bother to go back, and then it’s only because my boss (and ex-hairdresser) nags at me too!

5. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years this coming April and we have been living together since last summer pretty much (I will officially move in as in paying half the mortgage this March when I have cleared some of my finances)! The house is his and his parents have been between there and Spain where they have an apartment for the last few years but they have finally found somewhere else for when they are back in the country so we can start decorating to our taste (even though we could before, we didn’t like to impose our taste on them whilst they were living there too)! So this year I want to start getting the house sorted - we took the plunge on the weekend and took a trip out to buy a new sofa in the sales, which should be with us shortly (very excited lol)! Next will be the kitchen, and what I’m most excited about-the spare bedroom! We decided that this could be my room to decorate and I could use it as a dressing room so my plan is to try and make it a little bit shabby chic! I will blog pictures of the transformation when I start it but it won’t be until March when I have some time off work!

All in all, I’m quite looking forward to 2010-it should be a very good year! 2 of bestest friends from Uni are getting married this year, one very soon in March and the other in September which I will be Chief Bridesmaid so have lots of events planned J

Hope 2010 will be a good year for you all and hopefully speak to you very soon! X X

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