Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Holiday Haul

Hello there everyone

I hope you’ve all had a good day today and enjoyed the snow that came with it-I live very close to the sea and we never get snow that sticks but today it did and it snowed enough for me to be sent home from work J

Anyway, to the point of the post, during my holiday I did make some purchases which I thought I’d share with you and show you a FOTD that I did today using the following products and others (which I’ll mention at the end)! These purchases were made either at Heathrow airport in duty free (gotta be used), the mac stall in Macy’s NYC and also the Sephora on Times Square.

So first we have Sephora by OPI nail varnish in the colour ‘call your mother’! I picked this up after reading about it on lollipop26’s blog – I’m not a big nail varnish wearer to be completely honest, I don’t have the best of nails and I find that I tend to pick the nail varnish off (which clearly isn’t healthy for my nails) but I had a look for this and it’s such a gorgeous colour I couldn’t resist.

The second photo are my 2 new brushes from mac. As I’ve not been in to make-up for that long, I don’t really have a big collection of brushes so I made it a priority to pick a few up whilst I was there-I got the 129 which is just the most perfect blusher brush! I do have some others by gosh, elf (the usual suspects) but this is just great for applying just the right amount  and it’s so soft! Unfortunately I have had a few of the bristles shed but not too many so hopefully it won’t continue to do so! I also picked up the 219 and I just don’t know how I ever did my eye make up with out it! This brush does exactly what the mac website says it should-LOVE IT!

And on the final picture, we have mac’s well dressed blusher-really pretty colour on the cheeks (I was once told by a mac ma that I shouldn’t get this colour as I have quite rosy cheeks therefore it wouldn’t suit me, but I got it anyway and am very happy I did). Urban decay’s primer potion-nothing too exciting I know but I have been wanting it for ages and since I was on holiday I thought what the heck! Next is mac’s cranberry e/s-love this colour. Most of my shadows are very neutral and I think I need to start injecting some colour into my life, so will start with this one and hopefully will carry on and build up my collection. Then we have mac’s plushglass in ‘nice buzz’-I wanted a pretty sheer colour so picked this up-didn’t realise at the time that it had a ingrediants that would make my lips tingle-a little bit of a shock when I first tried it! And finally, whilst in Walgreens, I picked up the cover girl lash blast mascara-I haven’t used it that much yet so can’t really comment, but so far so good I think.

Here's my face of the day (sorry for the goofy pictures-I'm still not completely comfortable taking pics of myself lol, maybe they'll get better)

 Tra for now x x


  1. I recently got Well Dressed (which I love) and i'm using a crappy primark blusher brush which is rubbish lol so thanks for the Blusher brush reccomendation, will defo be having a look for that! x

  2. Ooo I bought call your mother when I was in NY too, its lovely! xx

  3. Lu-yeah I would definately invest in a good blusher brush! However, after reading recommendations from Holly at Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog about Sonia Kashuk brushes might be worth checking them out-espeically as they are on a mega sale at Space NK-I just ordered a few brush online, they're down from like £30 to £5(some of them) bargain not to be missed! Worth a look:

  4. Thanks for the other link :) I should be going to a Mac on Weds so I might be coming out with a new blusher brush hehe. I might not though lol, depends how much I spend before :O x

  5. Thanks for the other link :) I should be going to a Mac on Weds so I might be coming out with a new blusher brush hehe. I might not though lol, depends how much I spend before :O x


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