Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Summary

Hello girlies,

Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend and weren't too annoyed at having to get up today-I'm not that great on Monday's (just like probably 99.9% of the population)!

Anyway, I was just reading up on Victoria's Monday Summary and thought I would join in with this and start my own - hope you don't mind!

So, I'm going to start a weekly Monday Summary (on a Monday of course, but don't hold me to this lol) listing my 5 good things!

1) I just love spending the weekend with my best friends! I went to Uni in Bristol and all of my friends are southern based. Unfortunately, I live in North Wales therefore, it's rather a long journey to get together, but since graduating in 2007, we have made an effort to try and see each other once a month (give a take a few times where it's been 2 months) but fair do's to us all, we're keeping it up! January is usually a very busy month with 3 birthdays but this Jan, we also had dance choreography to attend too :-) One of our group (this first of us actually) will be getting married on the 6th March and as her first dance, she decided that she wanted something fun rather than the usual cheesy swaying. So, with a total of 9 of us, we set off on Saturday for our first and only (yes crazy I know) dance lesson to David Guetta's 'When love takes over'! Honestly, we had so much fun and I just can't wait for the wedding now!

2) Meeting up with family that I hardly ever see. I have quite a small family, and most of them I very rarely see through choice, but there are some members which I don't see because of locality. My Nannie (who is my great Nanna at the age of 95) has been moved in to a home, so me, OH, Dad, Mum and little bro travelled to Stoke-on-Trent to meet up with my great Uncle to empty her house before it get's sold! Unfortunately, most of the items that I wanted to take just wouldn't fit in my mini first and then in my small little bungalow so I just left with two antique mirrors, which to be honest, are extremely lovely and would cost me a fortune to buy now!

3) Having another 4 day week! Because of the weather the last few weeks, I have done a 4 day week the last 2 weeks (although granted the other day was spent working from home, but it never feels like working really), but this week I will also be having a day off, but a proper day off as I will be visiting the Trafford Centre on Thursday looking for my dress for the wedding mentioned above!

4) Finding Revlon's Colourstay foundation - after watching Kelly's video on this, I decided I would venture out of my comfort zone and try some foundation on my skin and I bloody love it!! Will now be investing in MAC's 187 brush me thinks (or the sigma brush set)!

5) Having over 30 followers! I cannot believe that so many people have subscribed to my blog - I honestly never thought I'd get anyone reading it, but I love it! Thank you so much to all of you who have subscribed, I really appreciate it! Please continue to read and comment and suggest me out! I have decided as soon as I get to 50 I will hold a contest!

Anyway, hope you all liked! What are you 5 good things? x x x


  1. you have a lovely blog. congrats on all the followers lovely. that foundation is supposed to be very lovely. might have to try it out.


  2. Thank you so much for your comment-very kind of you! The foundation is lovely (although it's the only one I've ever tried so bit of a biased opinion lol)! X

  3. Thank you so much for your comment-very kind of you! The foundation is lovely (although it's the only one I've ever tried so bit of a biased opinion lol)! X


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