Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday Summary

Hell all my lovely followers,

Hope you all had a good week and had a fun filled weekend? Well it's time for my second Monday summary and my 5 good things. I spent the weekend just chilling out not doing too much really, was just having happy to relax and not do anything!

I did venture out on Saturday night to the pub to say goodbye to a friend who will be moving to Cardiff on Monday (which means I am now literally all alone in North Wales-all my friends live elsewhere :-( ), but then came home to a rather ill OH whom I had to look after all night so I'm very tired today!

1) I bought a gorgeous dress on Thursday-I mentioned last week that I was off shopping to look for a dress for one of my best friends weddings and thank god I found one! I tried on an abundance of dresses that either didn't look nice on or didn't fit (can't explain why, but my boobs have had a growth spurt recently so some things just won't go past them-said in a coy whisper :-))! But I got one and I love it!

Picture taken from the French Connection website

2) Having lots of new beauty products to play with :-) Over the last few weeks I placed a few different orders and they all finally arrived this week so look out for some future posts on these!

3) I said last week that I wanted to start a skin care routine and stick to it, well one week in and I've managed it all week so fingers crossed I can actually keep it up! I will do a separate post on what products I'm using but there's a mix of botanics, clinique and Liz Earle.

4) A really good appraisal in work today :-) Not sure if anyone else feels the same, but although I know I'm doing a fine job, I still got very nervous about my annual job appraisal this morning-but no need, it went rather well to be honest and got to finish work a little early so can't complain!

5) Playing in a fire engine tomorrow-I volunteer with the Police and their Cadet scheme and tomorrow we are taking a trip to our local fire station to see what the Fire and Rescue service do (other than put out fires and save cat's from tree's) and I've been assured that I'll get to sit in the fire engine and put on the lights and sirens-so sad that this excites me, but I'm sure there's a part of you all that's jealous of this!

Well hope you all have a good week x x x

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