Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday Summary

Well hello there,

Didn't I just fail last week by missing my Monday summary-sorry everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I'm sure you're as happy as I am that Monday is now over :-)

Anyway, I have had a very busy weekend and have an extremely busy week ahead of me but it's going to be filled with lots of fun and games so I can't complain! So here is my 5 good things:

1) I had a fantastic weekend with one of my best friends form Uni-she is getting married later this year and I have the great honour of being her chief bridesmaid so we ventured a wedding fayre this weekend and also started dress shopping! We have fallen in love with 2 amazing dresses and I can't wait until we can start trying them on!

2) Another of my friends is getting married in just a few weeks so we have her Hen Party this weekend and I am ready to burst with excitement! It's not going to be very much like a typical hen party as we are off to a Centre Parcs therefore cannot openly advertise that we're a hen party but it's going to be a lot of fun nevertheless!

3) My sofa is being delivered on Wednesday! I am so excited-I never thought I would be as excited as I actually am! A big downer will be the fact that I cannot actually sit on until Monday night because the OH has decided (very kindly) that he will decorate the lounge-so that's something to look forward to but just a shame that I have to wait until Monday to have it all in place!

4) Glee - I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but even if I have it's worth another post! I absolutely love this programme! It makes me feel so happy when I watch it! I will be buying the albums as soon as they are released and can guarantee there will be lots and lots of car journeys with me signing my heart out!

5) Since I came back from my holiday I have been in much need of losing a few pounds-America is a very bad influence on the body lol! Anyway, since I came back I have been trying hard to be a bit healthier (with very little to show for it) but I noticed this week that I am finally starting to shed a few pounds-it's not much but at least it's coming off!

Hope you all have a very good week and let me know what your 5 good things are for this week! x x x

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