Monday, 26 July 2010

Presents for you!

Well hello there to all my followers-especially all of you new ones!

I was extremely happy this weekend to find that I now have over 100 of you following me (101 to be exact lol)! I am so shocked-when I started my blog I never imagined that even one person would follow me, let alone over 100, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love everything about blogging-from writing a post to reading all your comments and reading other blogs too!

So, to say a massive thank you to all you of you for following I decided to do a little giveaway!

So what will you get??? Well...along with a few surprise goodies that I will collate, you will be able to choose either 1 eye shadow or a lip product of your choice be it from any brand! I didn’t want to just limit it to a MAC product (although I do love MAC myself) I thought I’d give you the chance to try out a different brand that you may not have tried before J!

And how can you get these items? Well...

1)      You need to be a follower of my blog (if not already)
2)      In the comments below, leave an ‘enter me’ comment and let me know what product you would love to get (either an eyeshadow or lip product from any brand)
3)      AND let me know what post you’d love me do! If you only write enter me, this won’t be counted! (only one comment per person, multiple entries will not be counted)!

The giveaway is open worldwide and will close on Sunday 8th August at 8pm so you have 2 weeks to think of a product and let me know! I will choose the winner using!

Good luck to every who enters J

Cat xoxo

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The place to be pretty

And that place is Dolly Bow-Bow!

I heard about Dolly Bow-Bow after watching Gemma’s video and thought I’d take a look for myself and once there, couldn’t resist treating myself and thought I’d share them with you.

They came beautifully packaged in tissue paper and pretty pink bags

I bought the Oui necklace (18” - £6.99)

Pink Leather shooting star bracelet (6” - £5)

And may favourite purchase, the Lovebirds necklace (24”-£6.99)

 I would definitely recommend that you all go check out Dolly Bow-Bow :-)

Cat xoxo

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Favourites of the moment

I thought I’d let you all in to a few of the things that I am loving right now

Sigma brushes
(apologies-I had only just used them before I took the pic)

For my birthday back in May, my boyfriend bought me the ‘professional brushes complete kit’ and I love them! I had a few MAC brushes but I’ve always been quite reluctant to spend £30 on a brush so I thought this would be a good compromise! I’ve read so many good reviews on the sigma brushes and I can definitely back them up J.

Laura Mercier: Under eye perfector (mauve/rose) & Secret concealer (#2)

I posted about both these products when I first got them and I do love the combination of them both! The only thing that’s a bit hmmm about the concealer is that it’s very very creamy which means that I need to use a powder to set it, but hey ho-it’s something I can live with (for info, I use the ELF HD powder).

MAC Femme-Fi eyeshadow

I love this eyeshadow-I think it’s just such a pretty neutral colour that goes with everything! I think I’m right in saying that this was limited edition in the Neo Sci Fi collection in 2008 – I managed to pick mine up at my local CCO!

YSL Elle eau de toilette

I cam across this perfume in an old bag that I haven’t used in AGES! I can’t believe that I ever forgot that I had it-it’s such a pretty scent! I’ve used this everyday for the last week and have had so many people ask what I’m wearing. I’m rubbish with smells but...I would say it has a light floral smell with a musky hint (hehe that was a rubbish description-sorry guys)!

Tangle Teezer

When I have my hair coloured, all I have is bleach which leave my hair extremely knotty when it’s wet = lots of wincing when trying to brush my hair. So after reading about the Tangle Teezer on Holly’s blog I headed straight out to get one and boy do I love it! I have entirely tangle free hair when brushing-I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has lots of tangles in their hair!

After sun (aloe vera gel)

The weather has been lovely all over the country for the past few weeks which has resulted in some burning skin for moi. Unfortunately, I have skin that is prone to burning before it tans-but that means that I was in need of some after sun last weekend! I have always been a fan of the Banna Boat aloe vera gel, but whilst perusing the isles of my local home bargains (oh how I love that store) I saw this product, which looked just like the banana boat product at the fraction of the price! 

What products are you loving right now?

Cat xoxo