Monday, 4 October 2010

Weekend 005

Friday: So I spent my Friday with my family celebrating the life of my Nannie-it was a lovely day and I think we all did Nannie very proud! After the funeral, following tradition, me, the parents and my lillte bro headed to IKEA (I know this sounds weird after a funeral but after every visit to Nannie we ALWAYS went to IKEA on the way home and we thought it would be weird not to-strange family huh?). I was on the lookout for a cheap wradrobe to go in my dressing room and boy did I get one-after picking my flat pack up, we headed to the bargain corner for a mooch and saw the same one, ex display, at 40% off-obviously I bought that one and spent the car ride home squished up against the window so we could fit the ready built wardrobe in the car.

Saturday: Started with a well deserved lie-in, nip to the shops then out for Oxjam in Chester. For those that aren’t aware, Oxjam is a music event (however small or big you want) in aid of Oxfam-cool play on words there I think! Anyway, my friend Laura convinced me to volunteer at the event and although I was a little dubious as to what we may have to do-I LOVED it! I was in my element J
We spent most of the evening on the door of the event, taking in tickets and checking ID to hand out wristbands-it was my time to shine with my organisational skills and that I did, the guy organising was so impressed, that he asked if we’d volunteer at some of their fashion shows! We’re now hoping to organise one of our own! Following the event we headed in to Chester and spent the rest of the evening dancing our little tootsies off before rolling home at ridiculous o’clock!

Sunday: Was spent like it should be-in my jammies ALL day long! Really not much else I can say about Sunday hehe!

What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. That sounds like my kinda Sunday!

  2. The Oxjam event sounds amazing, good work on the organisation babe! Tell us more about the fashion show stuff if it happens!

  3. Oh I definitely will keep you all informed hehe XX

  4. Oh I definitely will keep you all informed hehe XX


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