Monday, 11 October 2010

Weekend 006

Friday: Had a very busy day in the office so welcomed the chance to have the evening out with a lovely friend Laura so off to the pub we skipped for a few quick ones.

Saturday: Unfortunately I had to work this morning-I was giving a presentation to some girl guides leaders on promoting safe use of the internet (exciting huh?). Came home at 12:30pm to find the bf still asleep (I think he's getting a little old for late nights out) so curled up and had a nap myself! I then got myself up and got ready to head out for a yummy Chinese to celebrate my Daddy's 50th (he's had a prolonged birthday). Back home to watch tonight's X factor-so glad it's now back, means Christmas is getting close.

Sunday: I'm sure you all know me by now and know that Sunday is my day of rest. I got up early for a Sunday to watch the race (F1) and then went about my usual house chores of washing etc. Once complete, I headed round to the in-laws to see the 2 new additions to the family (in the shape of 2 corgi doggies) then back home to the sofa to curl up with dinner and X factor results!

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  1. Lovely chilled weekend only slightly ruined by having to work on a Saturday morning! xx


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