Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend 007

Friday: Spent the night in catching up on the latest season of Gossip Girl/ Brothers and Sisters and One Tree Hill whilst the BF went out for a few drinkies.

Saturday: The BF has to work this weekend (this has never happened before) so I head on down the parents house for some company. To celebrate my little bro’s 13th birthday tomorrow, me, my dad, him and 2 of his friends head out to ‘Spooky World’ – we went last year and I can honestly say I cried in some parts I was so scared. This year, they had made it better, but we were expecting some things so weren’t as scared, but still scared enough to scream at my Dad when he ran away from me in the haunted house! If you live up North, I would definitely recommend you take a visit if you can.

Sunday: Today it was the lil bro’s birthday – he’s only 13 bless him! He was rather spoilt and got a laptop as his main present (shocking what kids want at 13 these days) so we spent most of the day setting it up and playing on it! As his choice of birthday meal, we had Chinese takeaway for din dins which was very scrummy! The I headed home to curl up with a glass of wine and the bf for an evening of tv.

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