Friday, 26 November 2010

A few little treats

Last Friday I had a well earned day and took myself shopping - I've done all my Christmas shopping online so this shopping trip was all for me and I thought I'd share some of the treats that I picked up.

NARS Sheer Glow: Mont Blonc

I've wanted to try this for a long while but I'm rather cheap J but seeing as Space NK had 20% off, I thought why not! I have only used it once this week as I came out in a few spots so I'm not sure if it was the foundation or the fact that I'm quite stressed out this week - I'm hoping it's the latter because I do love this foundation, definitely lives up to its name. 

MAC Studio Finish Concealer: NW25

I have been using the Laura Mercier secret concealer since May, but when it ran out last week, I thought I'd dabble in a different one and picked this special little one. I've used it all week and like it a lot, but have a few little issues with applying it - the LM concealer was so creamy whereas this one is a bit more hard (I hope that makes sense) - any tips of how you apply it would be very much appreciated! 

Primary mittens:

Mittens did feature in my last shopping trip but I don't think you can have enough mittens during the winter-I suffer with reynauds so I need to keep my little fingers warm and it's guaranteed that I'll lose at least one mitten so I always need back ups and these beauties are so warm (and a complete bargain at £3-gotta love Primark). 

Lush - Christmas products:

I have never bought anything from the Lush Christmas collection (if I'm honest, I've bought very little from Lush in the past) but I've heard so much on here about the Christmas products that I caved and took myself in to the sweetly smelling shop and came out with these 2 products. 
There was quite a few of the products that I wanted that were in the Christmas Candy Box I thought I'd just treat myself to the gift set, especially the snow fairy products which do smell just as amazing as I was expecting. I have already treated myself to a bath with half the candy cane bubble bar and it was a gloriously bubble filled sweet bath! 
The lovely assistant (they always seem so lovely in Lush) also convinced me that I needed to get the Gingerbread House bubblebar and I'm so glad I did-it smells amazing and I really don't want to ruin it, it looks so cute! 

Next: Christmas decs

And I finally, I got a little festive in Next and treated myself to some decs! This will be my first year in my new home with the BF so I've decided to treat myself to some new decs this year and I love this little Crimbo family. 

Monday, 22 November 2010

Weekend 011

Friday: So today I had a lovely and well deserved day off (I’ve worked very hard recently and had to cancel my last 2 days off so it was so needed)! I had an amazing lie-in – one of those lie-in’s where the duvet was very snugly and I woke up when my body told me too rather than when the alarm shouted at me (it does that a lot every morning). I caught up on ‘This Morning’, although forgot that Friday’s where when Ruth and Eamon were on and not the lovely Holly and Phil, but nonetheless, it was very much welcomed-I miss my student days of starting my day with ‘This Morning’. I then leisurely got ready and headed off shopping to Chester-oh how I love that pretty place (and I had my first red cup hot drink-a gingerbread latte)! Then a quick dash home followed by an evening spent with my lovely friend Laura at the local pub for an evening of chitter chatter (I can do a lot of that)!

Saturday: So today was pretty boring really which started with an early morning to go and purchase some new fence panels followed by the weekly shop (yes, that’s right, my life is so rock and roll)! I then spent the day just moseying on round the house (and I nipped out to the parents quickly to say hello) before settling in to watch the Xfactor!

Sunday: You’ll probably be expecting my usual, lazy Sunday round up but today was a little bit different (oh, I do like to keep you on your toes J) So I was up a little earlier that I’d like to be on a Sunday (10am) to head out to see my lovely friend who was only home for one day from London. We shared a lovely brunch together catching up about mindless gossip and life adventures-hers was much more interesting than mine I can assure you-especially her meeting Harry from One Direction (he is definitely my guilty pleasure at the moment). We then headed out to a local garden centre that always has an amazing Christmas shop which I made full use of and bought some lovely Christmas decs-I’m all set to put the tree up now! I then reverted to my usual Sunday antics and headed home to do nothing but laze about and catch up on some Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters and One Tree Hill-perfect!

How was your weekend?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Iphone blogging...

So one thing that annoyed me for a while was the fact that when I wanted to catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow, I had to go through safari on my iphone, which didn’t really work very good as it didn’t show everything in my list.

So after moaning for a little while that there was no app for the iphone, which is very hard to believe, my lovely other half (probably sick of my winging) came to the rescue and opened my eyes to the mobile rss app (itunes link). Basically, the app is a google reader app so links up all your blogs to read in full on the go J It’s very simple to use (i.e. I use can use it) and it’s FREE! There is a paid version of the app which is ad free, but I’m happy to ignore the ads and save my pennies (cheapskate I know)!

Here’s a few piccies of how it look’s on my phone:

So this is what the home page looks like

These are some of the blogs I follow (the one's with blue dots next to them are the unread ones-well at the time anyway)

And this is what it looks like when reading the blog

So I know there are loads of iphone users out there and may not know of an app to read blogs on (I didn't) so I thought I'd be kind and share-hope it was useful! 

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Weekend 10

I do love writing these posts and reading everyone else's (or summaries etc) - it's probably because I'm such a nosey person but I also think it's nice to share a little something with everyone! Anyway, on with my weekend:

Friday: Finished work at my normal 3pm (we don't often work past 3pm on a Friday-we tend to use the excuse that not many other people do either, so there will be no-one to talk too lol) and headed off to Sainsbury's to buy the ingredients to make some home made woo woo ready for the arrival of 2 of my girlie friends! Laura and Pugh (actual name Bethan but I have 2 Bethan's in one group of friends so we revert to surnames) arrive to a tipsy me (only a little, I promise) and help me finish off another 2 jugs of woo woo before heading off to the pub. One of our local pubs do a band night on a Friday night so we were there to see them, who were very good! I did continue my drinking through the evening and as you can imagine, I was a little worse for wear by home time -which is neither big nor clever ;-)! Ended the evening with having to way the BF up to let us in as I seemed to lose my house key during the evening!

Saturday: Today started early for me, I woke up at 4am, remembering that I had lost my key and had the awful thought that I had lost my bank card too so thought the only option was to get up and transfer all my funds to another account-I think I was still drunk at this point! Obviously I went back to bed and woke up at a more reasonable 10am to find that I hadn't even taken my bank card out-oh dear! Luckily though, managed to get through to the pub and some kind hearted person had handed in my key-thank god for nice people, although still don't understand how I lost it as I had EVERYTHING else in my bag-strange! So, after Laura left, I went back to bed for a few hours (felt rather poorly and couldn't bare to be up) to catch up on some much needed sleep (drunk sleep isn't really sleep) before heading out to *literally* eat my body weight in Chinese-perfect hangover cure I think!

Sunday: As you can imagine, I have just rested today! I have had a lovely day watching the Grand Prix, catching up on blog posts and watching Youtube vids. Now watching Xfactor and I'm so excited to see a performance from Westlife - yes, I know, but I just love them!

Hope you all had a fab weekend and sorry for the ramblings :-)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A few little gems

As you'll know from my weekend post, I had a lovely girly weekend which involved the must have visit to Primark (something that we always do when me and my besties get together).

Sadly for me, we went at the wrong time-mid saturday afternoon shopping is not good in Primark but we did out best and I got most of what I wanted - I stocked up on all my basic t's and vests etc, I'm one for layering during the winter :-)

I did manage to find a few little gems though which I thought I'd share with all you lovelies:

I have a massive collection of these t-shirts in lots of different colours as they are perfect for layering but they're usually in plain colours so I was very happy to see a lovely floral one this weekend and at only £3 it's a bargain!

Again, all part of layering, I have a lot of cardigan's and this is my latest lovely edition - I am still completely mad about bows and I adore the sparkly buttons. (This was £11)

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering what the hell is the picture-well it's a pair of tights! But, not just any tights-these are Primark's cosy tights and they are just amazing! They have a kind of fluffy inside to them and they just keep you sooooo warm and they are lovely and thick-think of 100den tights! And, again, what a bargain at £3 - I will definitely be back there to stock up on these!

Now, these are the kind of mittens and ear muff's you would see in accessorize (in actual fact there are some extremely similar in stores right now) but I picked these up and I am so happy with them! They are amazing quality-really thick wool, and I have had so many comments on them this week. (The mittens were £3 and the earmuffs were £2 - they also had a wooly hat and scarf to match, but I thought it may be a bit much to get the whole set)

I am a sucker for products they put near tills-I always get trapped in to buying something and what better to buy than some novelty Christmas socks-I couldn't resits :-)

Have you found any bargains recently?

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Weekend 009

Friday: After a busy Friday in the office, I got in the car to drive the 3 ½ hour journey down South to spend the weekend with my besties. Tonight was just me, Dawny and her hubby so we had dinner and had a good old natter about their wedding which was last month and FINALLY got to see the photo’s from the amazing day!

Saturday: Nat arrived early this morning so the 3 of us headed off to Wycombe for a spot of shopping and lunch making sure we spend plenty of time in primark of course-love shopping with the girls! Back home to meet up with the other 2 girls and the weekend is complete J! Quick outfit change to include willies, mittens, hat, scarf and big coat ready for our outing to the bonfire! After freezing our little butts off at the bonfire, we headed back home, ordered take-away and nipped out for a quickie (or 2) at the pub then back home for food and a good few hours of catching up – it’s silly how much we have to tell each other after just one month apart!

Sunday: Lovely lie-in this morning and the carried on the catch up over brekkie then we went through the wedding photo’s (again). By half 1, it was time to make the journey back up North-everyone else lives within an hour’s distance to each other, so it’s a bloody pain for me when we have gatherings but totally worth it! Home by 5 to watch this week’s grand prix and nap on the sofa before a gorgeous roast and choc melting puds made by the BF (Oh I do love him for all his ability to cook)! I think it’s going to be an early night for me tonight, ready for another busy day in the office (was supposed to be off tomorrow but have to go in L)!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? 

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Weekend 008

Friday: The bf headed out tonight for a curry and night out with the boys so I curled up on the sofa with a homemade chilli (I tried to do it hot so I could get rid of this cold I’ve been suffering with all week) and caught up on the week’s rubbish tv-I love night’s like this!

Saturday: I had a brilliant lie-in today, didn’t get out of bed until 12 J and then I took my time to get ready and headed out to the local town-which was an extremely short-lived journey as it was so busy I couldn’t be bothered. I then got myself ready and headed out for my curry night with some lovely friends and a few sneaky drinks.

Sunday: Brilliant – the clocks went back today so I had yet another lie-in (not as long as yesterday’s though). Bacon butty in hand and a cuppa, I caught up on last night’s Xfactor and then headed down to the parents house for a bit. Sunday night was a night of yummy dinner (prepared by the bf of course, he’s a brilliant cook) and then Xfactor results.

I absolutely adore chilled out weekends where there is nothing planned and I can just go with the flow. My next 2 weekends are busy ones so I think I needed this weekend of nothingness!

How was your weekend?