Sunday, 21 November 2010

Iphone blogging...

So one thing that annoyed me for a while was the fact that when I wanted to catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow, I had to go through safari on my iphone, which didn’t really work very good as it didn’t show everything in my list.

So after moaning for a little while that there was no app for the iphone, which is very hard to believe, my lovely other half (probably sick of my winging) came to the rescue and opened my eyes to the mobile rss app (itunes link). Basically, the app is a google reader app so links up all your blogs to read in full on the go J It’s very simple to use (i.e. I use can use it) and it’s FREE! There is a paid version of the app which is ad free, but I’m happy to ignore the ads and save my pennies (cheapskate I know)!

Here’s a few piccies of how it look’s on my phone:

So this is what the home page looks like

These are some of the blogs I follow (the one's with blue dots next to them are the unread ones-well at the time anyway)

And this is what it looks like when reading the blog

So I know there are loads of iphone users out there and may not know of an app to read blogs on (I didn't) so I thought I'd be kind and share-hope it was useful! 


  1. God knows why I wasn't following your blog, it's brilliant! Thank You for you re-tweet earlier. There is an actual google reader app, I'm sure my fella has one Xxxx

  2. Great post! I have to download that app. Followed!


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