Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Weekend 008

Friday: The bf headed out tonight for a curry and night out with the boys so I curled up on the sofa with a homemade chilli (I tried to do it hot so I could get rid of this cold I’ve been suffering with all week) and caught up on the week’s rubbish tv-I love night’s like this!

Saturday: I had a brilliant lie-in today, didn’t get out of bed until 12 J and then I took my time to get ready and headed out to the local town-which was an extremely short-lived journey as it was so busy I couldn’t be bothered. I then got myself ready and headed out for my curry night with some lovely friends and a few sneaky drinks.

Sunday: Brilliant – the clocks went back today so I had yet another lie-in (not as long as yesterday’s though). Bacon butty in hand and a cuppa, I caught up on last night’s Xfactor and then headed down to the parents house for a bit. Sunday night was a night of yummy dinner (prepared by the bf of course, he’s a brilliant cook) and then Xfactor results.

I absolutely adore chilled out weekends where there is nothing planned and I can just go with the flow. My next 2 weekends are busy ones so I think I needed this weekend of nothingness!

How was your weekend? 

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