Monday, 22 November 2010

Weekend 011

Friday: So today I had a lovely and well deserved day off (I’ve worked very hard recently and had to cancel my last 2 days off so it was so needed)! I had an amazing lie-in – one of those lie-in’s where the duvet was very snugly and I woke up when my body told me too rather than when the alarm shouted at me (it does that a lot every morning). I caught up on ‘This Morning’, although forgot that Friday’s where when Ruth and Eamon were on and not the lovely Holly and Phil, but nonetheless, it was very much welcomed-I miss my student days of starting my day with ‘This Morning’. I then leisurely got ready and headed off shopping to Chester-oh how I love that pretty place (and I had my first red cup hot drink-a gingerbread latte)! Then a quick dash home followed by an evening spent with my lovely friend Laura at the local pub for an evening of chitter chatter (I can do a lot of that)!

Saturday: So today was pretty boring really which started with an early morning to go and purchase some new fence panels followed by the weekly shop (yes, that’s right, my life is so rock and roll)! I then spent the day just moseying on round the house (and I nipped out to the parents quickly to say hello) before settling in to watch the Xfactor!

Sunday: You’ll probably be expecting my usual, lazy Sunday round up but today was a little bit different (oh, I do like to keep you on your toes J) So I was up a little earlier that I’d like to be on a Sunday (10am) to head out to see my lovely friend who was only home for one day from London. We shared a lovely brunch together catching up about mindless gossip and life adventures-hers was much more interesting than mine I can assure you-especially her meeting Harry from One Direction (he is definitely my guilty pleasure at the moment). We then headed out to a local garden centre that always has an amazing Christmas shop which I made full use of and bought some lovely Christmas decs-I’m all set to put the tree up now! I then reverted to my usual Sunday antics and headed home to do nothing but laze about and catch up on some Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters and One Tree Hill-perfect!

How was your weekend?

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