Sunday, 14 November 2010

Weekend 10

I do love writing these posts and reading everyone else's (or summaries etc) - it's probably because I'm such a nosey person but I also think it's nice to share a little something with everyone! Anyway, on with my weekend:

Friday: Finished work at my normal 3pm (we don't often work past 3pm on a Friday-we tend to use the excuse that not many other people do either, so there will be no-one to talk too lol) and headed off to Sainsbury's to buy the ingredients to make some home made woo woo ready for the arrival of 2 of my girlie friends! Laura and Pugh (actual name Bethan but I have 2 Bethan's in one group of friends so we revert to surnames) arrive to a tipsy me (only a little, I promise) and help me finish off another 2 jugs of woo woo before heading off to the pub. One of our local pubs do a band night on a Friday night so we were there to see them, who were very good! I did continue my drinking through the evening and as you can imagine, I was a little worse for wear by home time -which is neither big nor clever ;-)! Ended the evening with having to way the BF up to let us in as I seemed to lose my house key during the evening!

Saturday: Today started early for me, I woke up at 4am, remembering that I had lost my key and had the awful thought that I had lost my bank card too so thought the only option was to get up and transfer all my funds to another account-I think I was still drunk at this point! Obviously I went back to bed and woke up at a more reasonable 10am to find that I hadn't even taken my bank card out-oh dear! Luckily though, managed to get through to the pub and some kind hearted person had handed in my key-thank god for nice people, although still don't understand how I lost it as I had EVERYTHING else in my bag-strange! So, after Laura left, I went back to bed for a few hours (felt rather poorly and couldn't bare to be up) to catch up on some much needed sleep (drunk sleep isn't really sleep) before heading out to *literally* eat my body weight in Chinese-perfect hangover cure I think!

Sunday: As you can imagine, I have just rested today! I have had a lovely day watching the Grand Prix, catching up on blog posts and watching Youtube vids. Now watching Xfactor and I'm so excited to see a performance from Westlife - yes, I know, but I just love them!

Hope you all had a fab weekend and sorry for the ramblings :-)

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