Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas eve ( which I'm sure you are all fully aware of) and I was sat here thinking of my Christmas  traditions and how my Christmas day usually goes and thought I'd share with you all (and then you can either do a similar post or leave me a comment with your Christmas day story-I'm very nosey).

Last year I spent Christmas with my boyfriend Scott at my nanna's place in Canada-and although I was with family and it was snowy etc, it just didn't feel the same-so this year, I made a point of staying home to do the norm, which is....

Up quite early, although this year I'll be at my home (not the parents because I moved out this year) but I'm planning on getting up extra early to head down to the parents house to do present opening-Santa doesn't know my change of address so everything will be there you see ;-)

Once presents are opened, we all get dressed and head up to the cemetery to spend a little time with my elder brother.

Then it's back home to go round to our neighbours, it's a very small village where everyone knows everyone so we do some present sharing and end up at Aunty Linda's (not a real Aunty but my mum's best friend)! She usually has a house full with 5 kids, although the youngest us now 17 we still all act like little children today filled with excitement!

Back home for Christmas brekkie (which us when Scott will join us)-this is where the real Christmas stuffing commences! It's the one day where I can not stop eating and not have a shed of guilt!

This is where my 'normal' Christmas ends this year. After brekkie we will be heading over to Scott's sisters to say our merry Christmases to his side if the family then home to have our first Christmas din dins on our own!

I really am looking forward to it this year!

I wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas-hope you have a truly fab one!

Lots of love XX


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