Sunday, 31 January 2010

What's in my bag...

Well I thought I'd jump on this bandwagon and do a post on what's in my bag, so here's my bag:

The bag itself is from Next and I think was only about £20 - nothing special really! So on to the contents:

These are things that are in the small inside pocket, we have (L-R/Top/Bottom):
Cath Kidston travel card holder which has my young persons's railcard in and my oyster card for when I frequent London. 
Pack of tissues
A pretty tin to keep my 'ladies things' in

This is the contents inside the main part (L-R):

Half a packet of Marks & Spencers wholgrain crisps - yummy!
My mittens (which also have silk lining gloves inside) - I suffer with Reynaud's disease so need to keep my hands warm as much as I can. 
Another pack of tissues - it's that time of the year!

Radley purse
Pencil case 
Cath Kidston phone holder for my ipod
Note pad
Cath Kidston holder for my video camera - I always have this in my bag, you just never know what you might see-I also have my camera in my bag, but I was using it to take these pictures :-)

The bag has 2 side pockets which holds all my mini items (L-R):

Mini bastiste - always handy if I'm going straight from work somewhere for a quick pick-me-up for my hair
Travel size of Clinique's dramatically different moisturising lotion
Anti-bacterial hand lotion - I go through so many of these, bit funny about keeping my hands clean
Mini deodorant - at the moment it's Dove's invisible dry.
A business card for wedding invitations - I picked it up when I was at a wedding fayre with one of my bestie's because I just loved the concept of her designs so thought I'd keep it for the future lol (sad I know)
My key fob and my house/work keys.

And finally, on the very front of the bag is a little pocket which houses a number of lip products (L-R):

Mac's novel twist lip pallete in 3 tan lips - I got this from my CCO and have no idea which collection it was in sorry but it has one gloss in Sunlight and 2 lipsticks - Frenzy and Fetish. 
Nailene ultra quick nail glue
A few bobby pins - I'm actually suprised that I only found 2
Mac's syrup lipstick
Compact mirror from Accessorize
Mac's tinted lip conditioner in fushia fix
Mini brush and comb combo from Primark
Lipgloss from Claire's Accessories - sorry, don't know the number or name
Lipgloss from H&M in sweet angel
Gosh cool lip jam in #107

So that's all that's in my bag - obiviously there was a lot of crap like receipts and random wrappers etc but I discarded them - didn't think you'd want to see that :-)

Anyway, hope you liked and tra for now! XxX

Skin care routine

I said in a recent post that I was going to start a skincare routine (about time really)! Well I started it and it’s been going well for the last 2 weeks now – go me!

So, obviously, the whole point of this post is to tell you all about my new found regime, so here goes!

To start, I use one of the No 7 quick thinking 4-in-1 wipes. The only reason I have these wipes is because boots often have their £5 off voucher on No 7 products and as these are only £6.50, with the voucher they come out as quite the bargain! So I use these to just get the majority of my make-up off, including mascara so they do pretty much their job!

Then I move on to the botanics face soothing cleansing balm! Back in 2009 I was all set to start a skincare routine and stick to it so did some searching and after watching Gemma’s video on this I thought, what the heck let’s go for it! So I bought it and kept saying I’ll try that-which I never did until now and I LOVE IT! I was a bit sceptical of putting a balm on my face and was even more sceptical when I actually put it on my face (looks a bit greasy when it’s on my face) – BUT I was proved wrong. So, I’m sure you’re all aware of how to use it, but I’ll go on anyway...all I do is, rub some of the balm between my fingers and massage it in to my face, then wet the muslin in warm/hot water and first use it as a kind of steam and then wipe off the balm in circular motions. I then run it under cold water and just pat my face with the cloth.

Then I use the Clinique’s clarifying lotion in no 2 – as you can see from the picture I have the large bottle with the pump – I’ve actually had this for years (actually, I probably shouldn’t be using it if it’s that old-ah well)! My old boss went on holiday one year and has to purchase a load of skincare products because she’d forgotten hers and bought this – when she got home she said she didn’t like it and gave it to me (very kind of her)!

The next step is the Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser for normal/ combination skin. Again, I’d just like to state that I did not buy this – my friend Laura had bought a number of products from the Liz Earle range but found that she couldn’t use this so passed it on to me!

And finally, I have been searching for an eye cream for ages now and probably still am on the look out, but I have recently been using a sample of the Clarin’s Eye Contour Balm. I was given this by a lovely lady on the Clarin’s counter in my local boot’s whilst I was actually trying to get a sample of the Origin’s ginzing eye cream so I was pretty unsure what this actually was. On the Clarin’s website it says: A light-textured non-oily formulation which helps to soften and slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Revitalises and nourishes. I do like this product but I think I still want to look around and try a few more eye products (any suggestions would be great) –am thinking about the Clinique’s all about eye’s next J

I tend to only do my skincare routine in the evening before I go to bed – I know you’re supposed to do it morning and night, but I think I’m doing pretty well getting into a routine at all!

What skincare products do you recommend?

Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday Summary

Hell all my lovely followers,

Hope you all had a good week and had a fun filled weekend? Well it's time for my second Monday summary and my 5 good things. I spent the weekend just chilling out not doing too much really, was just having happy to relax and not do anything!

I did venture out on Saturday night to the pub to say goodbye to a friend who will be moving to Cardiff on Monday (which means I am now literally all alone in North Wales-all my friends live elsewhere :-( ), but then came home to a rather ill OH whom I had to look after all night so I'm very tired today!

1) I bought a gorgeous dress on Thursday-I mentioned last week that I was off shopping to look for a dress for one of my best friends weddings and thank god I found one! I tried on an abundance of dresses that either didn't look nice on or didn't fit (can't explain why, but my boobs have had a growth spurt recently so some things just won't go past them-said in a coy whisper :-))! But I got one and I love it!

Picture taken from the French Connection website

2) Having lots of new beauty products to play with :-) Over the last few weeks I placed a few different orders and they all finally arrived this week so look out for some future posts on these!

3) I said last week that I wanted to start a skin care routine and stick to it, well one week in and I've managed it all week so fingers crossed I can actually keep it up! I will do a separate post on what products I'm using but there's a mix of botanics, clinique and Liz Earle.

4) A really good appraisal in work today :-) Not sure if anyone else feels the same, but although I know I'm doing a fine job, I still got very nervous about my annual job appraisal this morning-but no need, it went rather well to be honest and got to finish work a little early so can't complain!

5) Playing in a fire engine tomorrow-I volunteer with the Police and their Cadet scheme and tomorrow we are taking a trip to our local fire station to see what the Fire and Rescue service do (other than put out fires and save cat's from tree's) and I've been assured that I'll get to sit in the fire engine and put on the lights and sirens-so sad that this excites me, but I'm sure there's a part of you all that's jealous of this!

Well hope you all have a good week x x x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Summary

Hello girlies,

Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend and weren't too annoyed at having to get up today-I'm not that great on Monday's (just like probably 99.9% of the population)!

Anyway, I was just reading up on Victoria's Monday Summary and thought I would join in with this and start my own - hope you don't mind!

So, I'm going to start a weekly Monday Summary (on a Monday of course, but don't hold me to this lol) listing my 5 good things!

1) I just love spending the weekend with my best friends! I went to Uni in Bristol and all of my friends are southern based. Unfortunately, I live in North Wales therefore, it's rather a long journey to get together, but since graduating in 2007, we have made an effort to try and see each other once a month (give a take a few times where it's been 2 months) but fair do's to us all, we're keeping it up! January is usually a very busy month with 3 birthdays but this Jan, we also had dance choreography to attend too :-) One of our group (this first of us actually) will be getting married on the 6th March and as her first dance, she decided that she wanted something fun rather than the usual cheesy swaying. So, with a total of 9 of us, we set off on Saturday for our first and only (yes crazy I know) dance lesson to David Guetta's 'When love takes over'! Honestly, we had so much fun and I just can't wait for the wedding now!

2) Meeting up with family that I hardly ever see. I have quite a small family, and most of them I very rarely see through choice, but there are some members which I don't see because of locality. My Nannie (who is my great Nanna at the age of 95) has been moved in to a home, so me, OH, Dad, Mum and little bro travelled to Stoke-on-Trent to meet up with my great Uncle to empty her house before it get's sold! Unfortunately, most of the items that I wanted to take just wouldn't fit in my mini first and then in my small little bungalow so I just left with two antique mirrors, which to be honest, are extremely lovely and would cost me a fortune to buy now!

3) Having another 4 day week! Because of the weather the last few weeks, I have done a 4 day week the last 2 weeks (although granted the other day was spent working from home, but it never feels like working really), but this week I will also be having a day off, but a proper day off as I will be visiting the Trafford Centre on Thursday looking for my dress for the wedding mentioned above!

4) Finding Revlon's Colourstay foundation - after watching Kelly's video on this, I decided I would venture out of my comfort zone and try some foundation on my skin and I bloody love it!! Will now be investing in MAC's 187 brush me thinks (or the sigma brush set)!

5) Having over 30 followers! I cannot believe that so many people have subscribed to my blog - I honestly never thought I'd get anyone reading it, but I love it! Thank you so much to all of you who have subscribed, I really appreciate it! Please continue to read and comment and suggest me out! I have decided as soon as I get to 50 I will hold a contest!

Anyway, hope you all liked! What are you 5 good things? x x x

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hi girlies,

Well, as the weather has been pretty rubbish - and more that I love them, I bought a new pair of wellingtons (or wellies as hopefully most of you call them and not just me)!

Anyway, back in the summer around festival time, I was looking for a new pair of wellies ready for the winter months and saw the Hunter Carnaby Boa Snake style and thought WOW! Not to everyone's taste I know, but I fell in love instantly but decided that £139 for a pair of wellies was just ridiculous and I couldn't justify spending it (even if I was a millionaire I don't think I could)!

So, when trundling around my local outlet village Cheshire Oaks I saw these wellies in the window and decided that I just had to have them! They may not be Hunter's but they were only £14 and came in my favourite colour-RED! They did have black ones and I did contemplate getting them, but red wins everytime for me. My OH thinks they look tacky but I don't give a monkey's - I love them!

(You can't see in the picture that great but they are a fake snake skin pattern)

Hope you like too?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Eye sorted it...

Well, I hope you like my pathetic attempt at being funny - eye (I) sorted it. Anyway, this post is related to a previous post where I mentioned I had really sore eyes. Thank you so much to those of you who got in touch to give me some advice on some creams/treatments to give a go.

As I mentioned in the other post, my eyes were so sore and sensitive to anything that I was trying and it was just making the whole thing worse I think. I have quite sensitive skin, always have, so have always been quite careful on what products I use. I'm not sure what caused this particular irritation but thankfully, it's pretty much all cleared up and it's all thanks to...........Bepanthen - Nappy care ointment (urgh I hate that word lol)! You may now be thinking -'what the hell is she doing putting nappy cream on her face', well I thought exactly the same. But, on the say so of a colleague who swore it was the only thing that ever sorted her daughters eyes when they were irritated, I thought what harm could it do???

Anyway, after applying it every night on the sore areas and letting it sink in whilst I slept, I have most definitely seen a difference. Bepanthen is designed to protect and care from the causes of nappy rash and help gentle skin recovery - obviously the first part of this doesn't really apply, but because it's gentle it was definitely suitable enough for my delicate eye area.

So girlies, if you have any troubles in the future with sensitive skin around, give this a thought!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A change in identity!

Hi All,

Well you may (or may not) have noticed, but I have changed the name to my blog! I have been sitting here catching up on some posts that I have been meaning to get around to and realised that my blog isn't just about beauty. There are many posts on here (out of the few that I do have) that don't have anything to do with beauty, so I figured I'd change the name to something a bit more vague and then it can be about anything :-)

I hope you'll still continue to follow me-it doesn't mean that I won't be doing any posts that are beauty related, trust me, I'm sure there will be plenty more-but there will also be some others in the mix too!

Hope you like the new name - I decided on this one as it sums up my mood at the moment! I just had the best news ever (and if it's the best news I get in 2010, then it's fine with me)-my best friend, who I have been best friends with since I was 2 got diagnosed with cancer in 2005. Pretty devastating as you can imagine (especially as we both lost another best friend quite a few years back) but she carried on with so much strength, more than I could ever imagine a person to have and this week, she has got her 5 year all clear and is officially in remission! We celebrated last night with a box of miniature cakes from M&S and a cup of tea (the hardcore 20 something's that we are lol)! I love her so much and am just totally ecstatic about the news!

Anyway, hope you've all had a good weekend and that the weather isn't too much of a hassle for you next week!


(p.s. my url may look strange to most of you, and that's because it's in Welsh - when I tried to change my URL to pocket full of dreams, it was already taken, so I have just translated it to Welsh instead, just incase you were very confused)!

Because you're worth it

Ok, I know it's a cheesy title but I thought it was apt for the post :-) 

As you may be able to tell from some of my pictures, I am a bleach blonde – awful I know! I am naturally blonde, but it’s more of a dirty blonde, and over the years, I have dyed it different colours but I always come back to being blonde and I prefer it to be quite light!

Anyway, to the point! Because I use bleach on my hair (or rather my hair dresser does) my hair is pretty damaged, and after seeing what happed to Kelly’s hair I realised that I should really take care of it.

I really want to try some of the Kerastase hair products as I’ve read so many reviews that say how amazing the products are. However, a few weeks back, whilst perusing the shampoo isle in my local superdrug, I spotted L’oreal’s damage care repairing shampoo.

(Sorry about the rubbish picture-I'm not having much luck at the moment with lighting)

I have found recently, that after washing my hair, and then brushing it-I get a lot of hair breakage and find that my fluffy black dressing gown is covered in my hair – not good obviously! So I was in the market for something that would help repair my hair and limit any breakage. So I read the bottle and was suckered in to purchasing with very little expectations of a drugstore shampoo. I thought to see real results, I would need to go and spend a fortune, but I have been pleasantly surprised with it!

This is what the L’oreal website says about the range:

Elvive Damage Care Shampoo targets damaged areas to fill in gaps and seal damaged hair fibres. Hair feels stronger and more resilient. Helps repair damaged hair, enriched with a replica of one of hair's natural ceramides. For up to 95% less breakage from brushing**, use with elvive damage care conditioner

I have been using the shampoo for the last month now and have very little breakage – I can’t say that I’ve had none because that would be telling porky’s but my hair does feel a lot stronger, healthier and I have very little breakage when brushing. All in all I think this is a very good product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative.

I won’t lie, I get paid tomorrow and my plan is to buy a few of the Kerastase products. But, what I thought I could do, is use that for a few weeks and then do a comparison and see whether it’s worth spending the extra money or not!



Hi all,

Just wanted to do a quick post to show you something little that I got whilst I was on holiday. It’s not beauty related, but they are so cute I thought I’d share them with you.

The brand is called knitwits, and as far as I can see, they are based in Canada and only sell there. Well I haven’t seen them anywhere else! They have so many options and do mittens, hats and slipper socks. I opted for the mittens (as you can see) and got some cute little puppy dogs!

Anyway-hope you liked! xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Holiday Haul

Hello there everyone

I hope you’ve all had a good day today and enjoyed the snow that came with it-I live very close to the sea and we never get snow that sticks but today it did and it snowed enough for me to be sent home from work J

Anyway, to the point of the post, during my holiday I did make some purchases which I thought I’d share with you and show you a FOTD that I did today using the following products and others (which I’ll mention at the end)! These purchases were made either at Heathrow airport in duty free (gotta be used), the mac stall in Macy’s NYC and also the Sephora on Times Square.

So first we have Sephora by OPI nail varnish in the colour ‘call your mother’! I picked this up after reading about it on lollipop26’s blog – I’m not a big nail varnish wearer to be completely honest, I don’t have the best of nails and I find that I tend to pick the nail varnish off (which clearly isn’t healthy for my nails) but I had a look for this and it’s such a gorgeous colour I couldn’t resist.

The second photo are my 2 new brushes from mac. As I’ve not been in to make-up for that long, I don’t really have a big collection of brushes so I made it a priority to pick a few up whilst I was there-I got the 129 which is just the most perfect blusher brush! I do have some others by gosh, elf (the usual suspects) but this is just great for applying just the right amount  and it’s so soft! Unfortunately I have had a few of the bristles shed but not too many so hopefully it won’t continue to do so! I also picked up the 219 and I just don’t know how I ever did my eye make up with out it! This brush does exactly what the mac website says it should-LOVE IT!

And on the final picture, we have mac’s well dressed blusher-really pretty colour on the cheeks (I was once told by a mac ma that I shouldn’t get this colour as I have quite rosy cheeks therefore it wouldn’t suit me, but I got it anyway and am very happy I did). Urban decay’s primer potion-nothing too exciting I know but I have been wanting it for ages and since I was on holiday I thought what the heck! Next is mac’s cranberry e/s-love this colour. Most of my shadows are very neutral and I think I need to start injecting some colour into my life, so will start with this one and hopefully will carry on and build up my collection. Then we have mac’s plushglass in ‘nice buzz’-I wanted a pretty sheer colour so picked this up-didn’t realise at the time that it had a ingrediants that would make my lips tingle-a little bit of a shock when I first tried it! And finally, whilst in Walgreens, I picked up the cover girl lash blast mascara-I haven’t used it that much yet so can’t really comment, but so far so good I think.

Here's my face of the day (sorry for the goofy pictures-I'm still not completely comfortable taking pics of myself lol, maybe they'll get better)

 Tra for now x x

Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 – New Start

Happy New Year everyone – and a big hello to all my new subscribers! Hope you all had a really good Christmas and New Year and have eaten far too much!

As some of you may know, I recently went on holiday which was absolutely amazing! Me and my boyfriend went to New York for a few days and then drove over to Canada where my Nanna lives and spent Christmas with her before heading off to Niagara falls for a few days! We had an amazing holiday – New York is just magical at Christmas time, I would recommend everyone to go and visit at that time if you get the chance!

Top Left: Me outside Tiffany's on 5th Ave, Top Right: Sunset over NY
Bottom Left: View of Times Square from the Empire State, Bottom Right: View of the Empire State from the Rockefeller Centre

Every New Year, as I’m sure most of you do, I try and set myself some achievable goals (which turn out to be not so achievable lol)! This year I think I will just try and keep them very simple and things that I know I can actually achieve or finish!

1: The biggy I think has to be to try my hardest to be healthier – in my eating and exercise! I am a really fussy eater (always have been since I was a baby) and consequently, I don’t eat very much fruit and veg! Over the years, since being with my boyfriend, I have started eating better, and like a child, if the food is disguised well- I find that I eat it! So I’m hoping that I can continue with this and expand my list of foods that I will eat! As for exercise, my life currently involves NONE! Call me lazy (and you’d be right) but I just don’t have the time or effort to do anything! Over the past few years I have used my problems with my knee as an excuse, but as it’s nearly all sorted, I can no-longer (DAMN)! So, last year I bought quite an expensive new bike and I think this year I will start to use it (fingers crossed anyway)!

2. When I started this blog, I wanted to keep it updated on a regular basis, and as you can see that clearly didn't happen! So, with a new year, I will vow now to ensure that I update my blog at least once a week (don’t want you all to get sick of meJ) even if it’s just to say hi! I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and hopefully there are some people out there who will enjoy reading mine! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to me do, blog post wise!

3. Really stick to a skin care routine! I am sooooo bad at starting a new routine and being all excited about then getting bored or lazy and forgetting about it! This time round, I really want to get one started and stick to it! My skin is quite sensitive so I have to be careful of what I try – any recommendations please send them my way!

4. Following the above goal, I think I should input ‘try and stick to a beauty regime in general’! Over the past year, since reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube, I have bought quite a bit of make-up and beauty related products, yet I hardly ever wear them! Considering the amount of money spent, I think it’s only right that I make use of it otherwise I may have well just saved it! So I think this year I will make more of an effort with myself starting with my hair – I said in another post that I need to actually pay more attention to my bleached hair including giving it some proper treats to keep it in some form of good condition (think I’m going to invest in some Kerastase hair products) and also getting it done more often-I leave it far too long before I bother to go back, and then it’s only because my boss (and ex-hairdresser) nags at me too!

5. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years this coming April and we have been living together since last summer pretty much (I will officially move in as in paying half the mortgage this March when I have cleared some of my finances)! The house is his and his parents have been between there and Spain where they have an apartment for the last few years but they have finally found somewhere else for when they are back in the country so we can start decorating to our taste (even though we could before, we didn’t like to impose our taste on them whilst they were living there too)! So this year I want to start getting the house sorted - we took the plunge on the weekend and took a trip out to buy a new sofa in the sales, which should be with us shortly (very excited lol)! Next will be the kitchen, and what I’m most excited about-the spare bedroom! We decided that this could be my room to decorate and I could use it as a dressing room so my plan is to try and make it a little bit shabby chic! I will blog pictures of the transformation when I start it but it won’t be until March when I have some time off work!

All in all, I’m quite looking forward to 2010-it should be a very good year! 2 of bestest friends from Uni are getting married this year, one very soon in March and the other in September which I will be Chief Bridesmaid so have lots of events planned J

Hope 2010 will be a good year for you all and hopefully speak to you very soon! X X