Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Beauty Treatments

For my birthday, my little brother bought me a lovely present (bless him he's only 12 and is now in debt to my parents). He got me a voucher for a lovely beauty salon near me and I need to your help please?

I'm having some issues trying to decide what to spend my voucher on and I thought I'd see what you lovely ladies enjoy at the beauty salon - a full body massage, a facial maybe?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :-)

Cat xoxo

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another year older...

On Thursday I became another year older which means I am now the lovely young age of 24 (eek)!

I had a lovely day-I took the day off work (I have never worked on my Birthday) and I spent the day with my gorgeous other half shopping-what more could a girl ask for.

My friends and family were very kind this year and I received lots of money to take shopping with me, so off I headed to the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

So without further ado, here are a few of the items that I spent my moola on:

Laura Mercier Secret Under Eye concealer #2, and the under eye perfector mauve/rose: I’ve mentioned before that I suffer so much with under eye circles and I strive constantly to find my HG concealer to hide them! I had heard lots of good things about the Laura Mercier concealer so I thought I’d take myself off to the stand in Selfridges and see whether it was any good. I have to say, I’m not all that comfortable usually having my make-up done in the middle of a department store, but the lady at LM made me feel so at ease and seemed to really know what she was talking about.
She suggested that I try the under eye perfector which is a cream designed to help conceal, awaken and provide complete coverage for even the most intense dark eye area, so she did one eye with just the concealer and the other with the corrector and concealer and there was a noticeable difference so I was sold!

(sorry, I have been using the products)

I then took myself off to Topshop to check out the much talked about make-up range and to be completely honest, I wasn’t all that impressed! I’m not a lipstick fan (I know, what’s wrong with me) so I didn’t even look at them. I had a brief look at the nail varnishes, but there’s other brands out there with similar colours at cheaper prices and my thoughts were much the same about the rest of the line expect for the cream blushes (which reading other blogs etc seem to the star of this line).

I did however only come away with one cream blush which was the Neon Rose which is a beautiful colour. I don’t actually own any cream blushes so I thought this, at £6 would be a good one to start with and I love the way the consistency goes from cream to powder when applied. I think I’ll definitely be trying out some more cream blushes in the future (if you have any recommendations please let me know).

I also bought myself a new handbag from River Island

I have been lucky enough to have tickets for next Sunday’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend and I saw this in H&M and thought it would be perfect for a day at a festival-it has a pocket which fits my camera perfectly, another pocket for my phone and then a pocket for money!

I also got this lovely dress from H&M-I think this is part of the ‘Garden’ collection and thought it would be so pretty for the warmer weather – I’m thinking of wearing it next week for Radio 1’s Big Weekend I love the flowery detail on it.

I did get lots of little bits n bobs too but these were the main purchases! I do have one more gift travelling to me too off the OH so I will post about that when it arrives!

Cat xoxo

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ins and Outs #4


It is my birthday a week tomorrow (that's an In in itself) and the celebrations start this weekend with all of my Uni friends descending upon North Wales to visit me :-)

Not really beauty related, but I have spent the last few weeks minus a kitchen and it is now complete :-)
I now have a lovely kitchen that's all modern, and my house is slowly starting to get back to normal (with all the contents of the kitchen cupboards now being put back in their place)

My OH has agreed that our spare room can now become my dressing room :-) - this makes me smile a lot! I will be transforming it in to a shabby chic heaven. I have already started purchasing some items:

 This was a complete bargain on ebay-£120 for the dressing table, stool and there is a mirror to match too :-)

Another in at the moment is customising-as I want my room to be shabby chic, there had to be some form of Cath Kidston included, however as I'm without any dosh at the mo I couldn't afford any so I found a lovely bed quilt in Ikea at a fraction of the price. With one of the pillow cases, I decided to re-cover my stool seat as you can see below (I'm thinking of buying another quilt and making a blind with it)


Payday is not for another week and there is so much that I want to buy right now :-( - although as it's my birthday next week, I'm hoping that all my wonderful family and friends have taken the massive hints I've been giving them recently (fingers crossed anyway)

I love being a blonde however I hate when my rooms come through just like they are now :-) can't wait for my hair appointment next week

Feeling rather pasty and drab-I'm in desperate need of some fakeness going on and some lovely new summery clothes to brighten me up :-)

What are your ins and outs lovelies?

Cat xoxo