Tuesday, 4 January 2011

MAC Collection: Cham Pale

I'm sure we’re all aware that MAC have a new collection out at the moment, Cham Pale and whilst out and about this weekend, I couldn't help but nip into Debenhams and pick up a couple of items $

I love this collection – it’s my kind of colours etc (I’m not very adventurous etc when it comes to colours as I’m sure you’re all aware of).

Anyway, feeling the pinch of Christmas and all that, I only picked up 2 items which are:

Chilled on ice (paint pot) & Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder.

Now I’m sure we all know what the paint pots are – I for one am a big fan of paint pots and have a small collection from Mac and Benefits equivalent’s (the creaseless cream shadow’s) and the paint pots in this collection are just lovely! In the past, I have found paint pots to be somewhat dry in the past, but the formula of these new one’s are ever so creamy!

I’ve never bought any of the highlight powders so I was very intrigued by the 2 in this collection but opted just to get the Rosé Olé one. From what I know, these powders are somewhat in between an MSF and the Beauty Powders – not as metallic as an MSF but still have some of the sheen to leave a lovely glow to the skin!

Not the greatest swatch in the world but the best I could do in this awful light: Chilled on Ice (L), Rosé Olé (R)

What will you be buying from the new collection? 


  1. I love the look of this collection! Thanks for the reminder that this is out- going to look on the website now! x

  2. I like chilled on ice but it looks very similar to bare study.


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