Sunday, 30 January 2011

Weekend 015

Friday: Tonight was a very lazy evening spent in with the bf eating lots of food and watching 'Beautiful Mind' - if you've never seen this film I'd definitely recommend it!

Saturday: Keeping with the lazy theme, this morning was spent having a very loooooong lie-in! I had nothing planned for today so decided to spend the day doing some girly things (i.e. facial, de-fuzz etc etc). Tonight, me and the BF headed out for an Indian which was just delicious - we tried a new place (to us anyway, it's been there for absolute years) and I think we may just become regulars!

Sunday: Today was spent manically packing/printing off boarding passes etc as the bf is heading off to Spain for a few days to stay with his parents which means me playing taxi to the airport! This evening I've spent it curled up on the sofa watching tv with a big pot of tea for company!

I now have a few days on my lonesome and was looking forward to some lazy evenings just doing nothing,but as it turns out-I have an extremely busy week ahead of me!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend!

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  1. Your weekend sounds lovely! I don't think I've seen that film.
    I love going out to eat, Indian in a restaurant is so much better than india takeaway I think! Enjoy your week xx


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