Thursday, 13 January 2011

Weight loss Week 1

Weight loss:
-1lb (on target  YEY)

Zumba (x1 session - unfortunately this lands on the same night as I do some voluntary work so it's going to have to be an every other week session). 
30 day shred - up until day 5 (and actually enjoying it) 

Healthy Eating:
Not so good at all 

Overall, I’m relatively happy with this week – I’ve managed to lose my 1lb target and increased my fitness. Next week, I will be planning my meals better so the healthy eating WILL be better!


  1. what is zumba like? im thinking about trying it? x

  2. @kirstyb Zumba was lots of fun - definitely recommend giving it a go, although take a friend because you will definitely need to giggle! X


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