Saturday, 12 February 2011

A bun in the oven...

Not my oven hehe but one of my best friends (who I was chief bridesmaid for back in September) is pregnant!

This has been a mega shock to the system for our whole group - this will be the first baby in our group so I don't think we're all quite prepared for how things are going to change!

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you about my friend, well, I need some help from you, if you can?

I'll hold my hands up-I am not a very child friendly person - I have never ever wanted to have any of my own, and still can't see a future with any of my own kids. Many people over the years have tried to talk me out of that, telling me once I have my own I'll think differently, and maybe people do, but I (at this present moment in time) don't want to find out. I totally agree with the whole 'never say never' because I am only 24 at the moment and I MAY change my mind in years to come, but for me right now, I can't see that happening.

So here's my dilemma - I love my friend and therefore will be madly in love with her little bambino I'm sure and I want to spoil it rotten. She is due in August and I plan to pick up a few little nick nacks every month on pay day and create a hamper for both mummy and baby!

I have bought a lovely wicker basket, and a few little bits (a pack of sleep suits, a blankets and winnie the pooh bibs) but what would you put in the hamper - for both mummy and baby? If you're a recent mummy, what did you absolutely miss when pregnant? And what would you have liked for your baby?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. This is cute, I love anything from Mamas and papas and HnM do brill baby clothes!! Erm I'd get wipes and things, maybe a steamer? xxx


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