Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekend 016

Friday: I spent the whole of Friday evening getting my hair coloured! OK, so I am extremely lazy and I haven't had my hair coloured since September - now you're probably thinking, that's a bit long but not too bad, but remember, I am blonde! My roots were literally half way down my head-I am so ashamed of myself! But I just kept putting it off due to cost and then trying to book an appointment-well honestly, I was just lazy! Luckily for me though, one of my closest friends (pretty much family) is currently on her second year of hairdressing at college and has finally learnt the art of foils and kindly did mine! Because she's only just learnt though, it did take much longer than usual, but definitely worth the numb bum I got!

Saturday: I spent the day leisurely pottering around the house and doing a few chores before heading off for a girly night out in Chester! One of my besties is heading off to London to start a new job next weekend so this was supposed to be a sending off/girly night out but unfortunately she returned home from her Safari holiday with food poisoning so was unable to make it u! There was still 4 of us out for the night and me and one other actually stayed in a hotel (even though we only live 30mins away) - made it feel like we were on a small holiday hehe! And I don't know if they do this in your towns, but when walking back to the hotel, heels in hand (classic me at the end of ANY night out) some Angels (Street Pastors) gave me some flip flops - I could have cried with relief! I think it's an amazing scheme and every city should have these Angels! 

Sunday: Today has been spent very much doing nothing - I arrived home early morning and have spent the day being a lazy bum!I'm now looking forward to my lamb shank din dins, dancing on ice and evening of...nothing - perfect Sunday activities! 

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Toodle pips my lovelies!

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