Monday, 14 February 2011

Weekend 017

Friday: So tonight was a night spent rushing around – the bf is off to Cardiff for the weekend to watch Rugby
League with the boys so tonight was spent getting last minute bits and bobs, packing and most importantly, him cooking me a lovely big chilli pot ready for my Sat night in with the girls.

Saturday: Making the most of an empty house, the music was on full blast and I spent the morning/afternoon having a good spring clean! The weather was lovely today so made the most of it and had the doors and windows open – oh how nice it is to see some sun shining, it really does brighten the mood!
Sat night was spent having a good old fashioned girly night in – the wives and girlfriends (within the bf’s friendship group) came round for dinner (we had the chilli which was made by the bf) with lots of wine and wedding chatter! One of the group recently got engaged and 4 of us other halves’ will be bridesmaids on the big day – let the planning commence! I am completely in my element here – my ultimate job would be an event’s organiser and specifically weddings, I love everything about them, I am one of those girls that has dreamt about her wedding day forever and have been planning my own since I was about 10!It was a lovely night, and I think I can start to tick off one of my goals for this year – to socialise more as I don’t usually meet up with these girlies this much, but we have vowed to change this and make it a more regular occurrence – Yay for having friends hehe!

Sunday: Today was spent in Chester valentines shopping – not for me I may add, but for my little brother who wanted to get his girlfriend someone little although he refused to buy a card which had any reference to Love on/in it – 13 yr old boys ey?! After taking him back home, I quickly departed before being collared to staying at the parents for a while, and headed home for an evening of trashy tv which included One Tree Hill (wedding special), Gossip Girl and Dancing on Ice – perfect lazy Sunday!

Hope you all had a fab weekend and having a fab Valentines day - whatever you may be up to! XX

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