Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekend 018

Well, first of all - Hello there to all my lovely new followers *waves frantically* - very lovely of you all to take the time to follow my little blog of ramblings!

Hasn't the weather been lovely this weekend - not exactly warm, but just having the sun out changes everything I think!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - mine's been a bit blah to be honest but I thought I'd still do my weekend post (I didn't do one last weekend as I literally did nothing so there was nothing to write)!

Friday: For reason's expalined here, I haven't been sleeping too well over the last week or so, and as I had nothing planned for tonight, I didn't to take the opportunity and get and early night so off I trotted to bed at 9pm - that's right, I'm so cool!

Saturday: One of my closest friends moved to London 3 weeks ago but came home this weekend for her Nan's birthday, so we took the opportunity to head out for breakfast and have a good old fashioned catch up! Breakfast for me (if you're wondering), consisted of Egg's Benedict - I have never had this before but it was delicious! The afternoon was a bit blah, and if you follow me on twitter, you will have seen me tweet that I'd had a bit of a breakdown - I realised that I have lost my driver's licence *sob* and it was just the last straw which broke me and I had a rather long sob - the poor bf didn't have a clue what was going on with his nutter girlfriend. Anyway, after pulling myself together, and re-doing my make-up, I headed out to my cousin's 21st birthday party!

Sunday: I really want to wake up and start this day all over again! Today, I was SUPPOSED to be going to the National Wedding Show in Birmingham with one of my besties, who will be getting married in the new year. I decided to travel my train as it was much cheaper than driving, and up I got at 6:45am this morning, got ready and headed off on the 40min drive to the train station. After purchasing my tickets (from the self serve machine) and feeling pretty smug with myself that I was so organised that I had made it with enough time to indulge in a morning cuppa, I waited patiently for my train. When it was a few mins delayed and nothing was on the screen I headed on in to ask the ticket man who informed me that all trains within Wales were on strike! As you can imagine, another breakdown was close, but I though I'd spare the poor train man. Anyway, after checking times from Chester, and realising I wouldn't make an early enough train to get me to the NEC before lunch, I decided to head home! So, I have spent the rest of today pretty much sulking, wrapped up in a blanket and indulging in some comfort food.

I hope you've all had a much better weekend than me and have a fab week to come!


  1. Oh how irritating! Hope you had a nice weekend despite the trains etc!
    Immie x

  2. Oh how irritating! Hope you had a nice weekend despite the trains etc!
    Immie x


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