Monday, 18 April 2011

Birthday wishlist...

My birthday is getting very near (May 13th for all of you lovelies who'd like to treat me to any of the following *hehe*) and like everyone of us I'm sure, I have started creating a wishlist in the hope that my fairy god mother will treat me!

There are lots of bits n bobs that I'd like - the usual stuff like perfume, some clothes but I can get all of those things for myself really - I always think that on birthdays, especially as we get older, we should get things that we wouldn't really go out and buy ourselves on any other day!

So when the lovely Beatrix contacted me from I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to browse all the lovely items on there and find some special litttle items for my birthday wishlist!

ShopAlike is a new shopping portal which brings together a full array of shops and products into the one site, therefore making internet shopping easier and faster. We currently have more than 265 partnershops.

I've wanted a new bag and purse for a while now so this was the first thing I went to browse and have decided that I would very much like my fairy godmother to treat me to these - pretty please!

Marc Jacobs Black/Gold handbag

I love this bag - it looks so classy and I think it would look just perfect on my arm ;-)

Again - very classic! I don't own anything from Mulberry - and this does make me rather sad when I see all the pretty items they have but I really can bring myself to spend the money - but on birthday's you should be treated with pretty things! 

What would be on your birthday wishlist? 

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