Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend 022

Friday: Tonight I headed on up to visit my friend so we could skype our bestie out in Oz and make some plans for our visit in August - it was so lovely seeing her face, it's been far too long! It was very exciting talking about all the exciting things we're going to do (if anyone has any suggestions on 'must do' things in Sydney, I'm all ears)!

Saturday: Today I became an honoury farmer for the day - my friend is a sheep farmer and is currently in the middle of lambing, so I offered my help for the day! It was lots of fun and extremely knackering - I had to chase sheep, catch little lambs and feed the cows (they are absolutely massive by the way)! I spent the evening completely shattered and slumped on the sofa and headed off to bed for 9:30pm - I'm so rock n roll!

Cue some extremely cute pictures of a lovely little lamb we looked after -

Sunday: I was rudely awakened this morning by a nasty migraine at 4:30am so I had a lie-in to try and sleep it off which actually did make me feel a little better! Me and the bf headed on out to do a spot of shopping before heading on home to see my Mummy for a mummy's day lunch & to give her presents! I've spent most of the afternoon napping - migraines really do drain every little bit of energy out of you! I'm going to spend the evening doing pretty much the same thing I think and having a scrumptious dinner cooked my my wonderful bf (he is an amazing cook-I'm very lucky)!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend - it's a shame Monday's have to come round so quickly!

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