Sunday, 24 April 2011

Weekend 025

It really doesn't feel like a Sunday at all today - it must be the fact that I had Friday off and I'm not in work tomorrow either! I think we were all in much need of the bank holiday weekend and the fact that we've had this glorious sunshine has just made it perfect - it's not often we get to enjoy bank holidays is it?

So, on to my weekend post and the ramblings of what I have got up to on this glorious weekend:

Enjoying the sunshine (& my newly coloured hair)!

Friday: Up early to make the most of the 4days off work - me and the bf decided that we would get up when we woke up over the bank holiday, rather than going back to sleep for lie-ins to make the most of the time we had off together! We headed on down to my parents house this morning (my Mum got a new iPhone 4 so the bf kindly sorted it out for her and synced it with her itunes etc - she is rather technically challenged)! Then we headed out to our local town so that I could buy a new phone-my contract on my iphone is up and I've decided to go for a change and get an android phone *GASP*! I've had an iphone for years so kind of want something a little different (but still have all the apps etc)! Unfortunately the phone I want (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc) is out of stock everywhere so I'll just have to wait!
In the evening, I had a real treat - I headed on out to dinner with my best friend forever! We met at 3yrs and grew up together and she has been there fore me through so so much as I have for her and although we don't see each other as much as we should, it's exactly like old times when we do meet up - the true meaning of a friend!

Saturday: Another early morning up enjoying home made granola for breakfast - very scrumptious indeed :-)! As the football was on this afternoon, I decided to head on out to a local retail park and do a spot of shopping! I didn't really buy that much (expcept a new pair of black skinnies and a pair of skinnies) -the shops were empty, I don't think people realise the shops are only shut for one day over the bank holiday! Shopping was followed by a chippy dinner and then out for drinks with my friend Laura who I haven't seen in a month as she moved to London and was back 'oop North' visiting for Easter. It was so lovely to catch up and hear all her goss from the Big Smoke!

Sunday: Again, an early morning (I'm doing well considering I'm a lazy moo and would rather stay in bed for extra time than straighten my hair usually) and off to the parents to celebrate Easter! We took home made bread dough to cook for a brekkie which was truly delicious - I really don't think you can beat fresh bread! Then back home to enjoy the sunshine - I've washed the car and I'm now sat in the garden writing this with Adele;21 currently playing (yes I know I'm very late to the party here)! I have been listening to the Chris Moyles North Wales parody from last year - I absolutely love hearing all the local places (it's quite surreal knowing them and going there on a regular basis)

FYI: This video is pretty wicked!!

I hope you're all having a fab Easter and have been stuffing your face full of chocolate all day! I only got the one egg, but I'm trying to be healthier so that works for me!

I'm going to carry on sitting in the garden before heading out on a bike ride later when the weather cools down! Hopefully it'll be just as beautiful tomorrow to finish off a brilliant bank holiday!


  1. Your hair looks lovely :) especially love the cut!x

  2. Thank you - I feel so much better when it's been coloured and cut! I have to have shorter hair in the warmer months-can't be doing with long hair bothering me hehe! XX

  3. Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend and your hair looks fab x

  4. Lovely bank hol weekend - lovely to see your face too :) x

  5. Hehe thank you - you won't often see my face but every now and then won't hurt I suppose! XX

  6. Thank you - I feel so much better when it's been coloured and cut! I have to have shorter hair in the warmer months-can't be doing with long hair bothering me hehe! XX


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