Saturday, 7 May 2011


So I am wandering on over to bloglovin to keep up to date with all of the lovely blogs I follow - mainly becasue blogger has let me down quite a bit recently not showing up posts, unsubscribing me from blogs so I've fallen out with it!

I have only started playing with it last night and already I'm quite impressed with it - seems easier to navigate and cleaner to read (if that makes any sense)! You can Follow my blog with bloglovin too, but I think you can follow any blog whether they're registered on there or not (correct me if I'm wrong)!

If you have any hints/tips on using it, anything I should know, please let me know!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather doesn't ruin any of your plans!

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  1. love your blog, and adore piggys!! check out my blog and follow me back if you like, it would be much appretiated!! xx


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