Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weekend 026

Well another 4 day weekend has graced us once again and how lovely it has been! I hope you've all enjoyed it and had time to enjoy the lovely weather we've had yet again! Here's what I got up to this weekend.

Friday: I am pretty sure my friend resembles most peoples day today - settled in front of the television watching history happen right in front of our eyes and what a sight it was! I think we can all agree that Kate looked a true Princess on her wedding day - truly breathtaking! I spent most of the morning welling up but who doesn't get emotional at a wedding?!

I couldn't resist - it was the moment we all waited for (after the reveal of the dress of course)

Saturday: Well I had a pretty rubbish day today! The bf was an idiot last night (went out, got drunk, came home very late and woke me up, fell over blah blah blah) so I was very tired this morning when I got up this morning! As he was extremely hungover and in no state to do anything/ talk, I decided to take myself off to my parents house for the afternoon and just relax in the sun! Luckily my Mam & Dad were heading off to Ikea for the evening so I took the opportunity to join them (I love Ikea and really enjoy mooching round the little show rooms they have, plus it would make the bf sit alone at home longer planning on how he can make things up to me - I sound like a real bitch but there were other things that he did that I really don't think you want to hear about, but trust me, he's got some making up to do)!

Sunday: Today, has very much been a day of nothingness. I had a lie in, had some brekkie, headed off for a bit of shopping in Asda and then I've spent the evening watching this years Masterchef on iplayer (yes I know I'm way behind) and drinking copious amounts of tea! Oh what a rock n roll life style I lead!

I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday - I am very much looking forward to the next few weekends as it's my Birthday on the 13th (25 this year - it's a little scary) but I have lots of gatherings planned and one of my bestest friends in the whole world coming home from Oz for it :-)!

Speak soon lovelies!

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