Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend 028

Friday: This evening was spent mainly on the M6 - I honestly believe that this road is the bane of most people's lives who travel, it is always bloody busy, regardless of time of day! Anyway, finally got to my destination to be greeted by chinese food so ended pretty well!

Saturday: This morning was spent shopping for birthday presents - I love shopping for presents, just as much as receiving them and me and my friend bought some fantastic presents! We were so chuffed that we treated ourselves to a little pressie of our own! In the afternoon, we drove on over to Bristol to join the rest of our Uni group for an evening of food, drink and singstar - PERFECT! I am an awful singer, but give me a singstar mike and I am Leona Lewis!

Sunday: I could actually include more singstar as we didn't actually head to bed until around 3am (poor neighbours). Surprisingly, I woke up feeling pretty fresh this morning - couldn't say that for a lot in our group! Once we all looked somewhat presentable, we headed on in to Cabbot Circus for a spot of lunch at La Tasca - we used my taste card and got a whopping 50% off the bill which was amazing! Best £2 I've ever spent getting that card I think - I would definitely recommend you check it out on ebay! Following lunch I had the long drive back home to sunny North Wales to see my Daddy, it was Fathers Day after all, then home for bed! I really am getting too old for weekends of drinking and late nights, I can't cope!

Lots & lots of food was ordered!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend too!!

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