Friday, 29 July 2011

Every girl needs shoes

So in the last week, I seem to have acquired 3 new pairs of shoes and why not!

So, I thought I'd share my new little treats with you!

I finally jumped on the espadrille bandwagon - a little late to the trend but better late than never! I have been looking all summer for a pair but unfortunately, due to my big clown feet, I couldn't find a pair that fitted me! Cue a spontaneous visit to Primark this week and a bargain (as always)! These little beauties were just £1 in the sale - I'm very sorry to say that they only had the one pair in my size but I nabbed them straight away and have worn them all week long!

The second pair were pretty little ballerina pumps from Next @ £25. I live in flat shoes - I very rarely wear heels due to years of not being able to that I struggle to wear heels now so I am always on the look out for pretty little pumps and these fit the bill perfectly!

The final pair, I have been looking for a while but couldn't quite bring myself to part with the cash but there was a fantastic deal on Groupon that I just couldn't resist!

These pretty little pumps are from the flatmates range at - basically, they are pumps that fold in half to fit perfectly in your handbag!

These are £35 a pair - as I said, I had a Groupon voucher which was £60 voucher for £15.99 (plus p+p)!

Have you ever tried the flatmates? I think they're going to be perfect for those long days walking around town/nights out!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Homemade presents

When it comes to special occasions, rather than buy presents, over the years, I have come to realise that homemade presents are much more appreciated and this gives me quite a lot of satisfaction!

And it was no different when it came to a friends 18th birthday!

I have made a present for both of her sisters (one's 21st and the others 18th) so the pressure was on to make something great for her and I think I did myself proud!

I took inspiration from something I saw on - I love this website for individual presents, and I've used it for inspiration for many gifts in the past!

My friend loves scrabble and when I saw this scrabble are on the website I was sold! But not sold on the price tag - this is definitely something I could do myself for a lot less ££!

This was the end result...

In total, the present cost £26, which is a fraction of the £69 asking price online!

Luckily, she LOVED the present!

Have you ever made any presents?

Sudocrem: Skincare Cream

A few weeks ago Sudocrem contacted me and offered to send me some samples of the Sudocrem Skincare Cream - and like most, I said yes!

I love sudocrem and have always had it in the bathroom cabinet for as long as I can remember - my Mum's always got some in the house and since they brought out this little tube, well it's on me at all times.

As I mentioned, they did email me a few weeks ago and I've held off from posting about it just to give myself plenty of time to utilise the sample (even though I've used it for years).

Now if I'm completely honest, I don't think there's much difference between the tube and the tubs that you can buy (other than the packaging) - I haven't got both to compare ingredients etc. Both are very similar in consistency - a thick creamy consistency that once worked in to the skin is absorbed.

 Apologies for the marks on the tube-it's been bashed around in my handbag!

When I think of sudocrem, I always think of it as a cream for nappy rash (and I just popped one of these tubes *bought with my own money* in to a baby hamper that I created for my pregnant friend) but it has an abundance of uses! I'm sure most of you in the beauty world are aware of how AMAZING it is when a pesky little spot decides to rear it's ugly head! It's great for dry skin because it is so think in consistency. But my most recent use for it has been on sunburn - following my weekend at Wimbledon, I was very silly and got burnt to a crisp *slaps wrist for being so stupid and not packing sunscreen* so I needed something that was going to moisturise my skin to help it with the healing process and this fitted the bill perfectly! The handy little tube was brilliant for popping in my handbag and using on the go for a constant application of cream to poor little red shoulders!

If you haven't tried this cream (I'm sure you have) I would definitely recommend!

This 30g tube retails for around £1.99 (however I have seen it in my local pound stores - which inevitably means I have stocked up and have tubes all over my dressing room) which I think is reasonable - a little goes a long way!

What do you use Sudocrem for?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weekend 031

Friday: After a very busy day (very busy indeed) in work I got in my car and drove the 4hour journey down south to visit my Uni bestie for the weekend! She is 38 weeks preggers at the mo and this was probably the last time I'll see her before Baby is due! This is our first baby in the group so it's all very exciting and a little daunting knowing that everything is due to change! Since finding out on new years eve I started making my very own baby hamper to give to Mummy which was full of little bits and bobs for Baby and a few little treats for Mummy!

My complete hamper

Saturday: This morning was spent wandering the streets of Oxford looking for nursing bra's - they do not talk about the delights of nursing bra's etc when people talk about having babies - I honestly don't know how they can call it lingerie? Lingerie is sexy-nursing bra's are not! After a bit of a disappointing shopping trip (on the nursing bra front, I on the other hand managed to grab a few little bargains in Primark) we headed on home, opened a bottle of wine (for me obviously, mummy to be didn't drink) and waited for another friend to arrive! Once all together, we headed on out for Nepalese food-yummy!!!

Sunday: Today was an early morning for a bit of brekkie and then the 4 hour journey back home ready for a 1yr old birthday party - which was just crazy! The afternoon has been spent on the sofa curled up feeling very sorry for myself! I am in desperate need of some time to just sleep!

I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend 030

This weekend has been filled with lots and lots of laughter! A brilliant weekend I will be talking about with friends for a while I'm sure!

Friday: Although today was a work day, it was a different type of work day! I've mentioned before that I work for a charity and today we had a Ladies Lunch fundraiser which meant we could get dressed up and have a yummy meal and listen to a fab guest speaker - one of the original Calendar Girls, Tricia Stewart! This was the first ever event such as this that we'd organised but it went fab and Tricia was absolutely fabulous and completely hilarious while she told us about stories about their first ever calendar shoot etc!
The evening was followed by a fabulous 18th birthday party! I'm 25 now and was a little worried about spending the evening with a bunch of 18yr olds, what with hormones and alcohol mixing, but it was a fab party which included a bungee run and a stint in the band playing guitar (which I can't play by the way) and a bit of head banging - cue token photo!

Apologies for the quality - it's been stolen from facebook!

Saturday: Well, if you've ever been on a bungee run, I am sure you will all sympathise with me and the pain I felt today - I honestly felt like I had been in a car crash and suffered whiplash, and then thrown out so they could drive over me! Aching was not the word - it was much worse! But, I had to soldier on and prepare for an evening on the town to complete the 18th birthday celebrations! Now, I'm not one for going out much but as it was a special occasion, I dolled myself up in a dress and heels and drank copious amounts of alcohol! 

Me 2nd from the left rocking the colour blocking trend!

I had a fab night - there was lots and lots of dancing (like no-one was watching), there was a bit of pole dancing involved, split trousers by one which meant and emergency visit from my mother with a new pair! 

Sunday: Today, as you can imagine has involved nothing but lounging around with and endless supply of tea! Quite surprisingly to me, no hangover came to visit but I am definitely shattered! I am definitely not used to this whole 3:30am bed times! Plus, with all the dancing added to the already pains received via the bungee run, I am in no fit state to be doing anything today but stay curled up in bed! 

Hope you've all had a fab weekend too and the weather hasn't ruined your plans too much! 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

THE Bag!

That's right - I am talking about the Alexandra Wang 'inspired' studded bag!

I'm sure you're all aware of the bag I'm referring to - it has been talked about/ blogged about for a while now and it has been in my wishlist for just as long however I had never actually got round to hitting the buy now button - well that was until I watched Kelly's video on Thursday night and I thought 'sod it, just buy the god damn bag'! And so, on Thursday night at around 11:30pm I finally hit the buy it now button on ebay and felt rather excited that I was finally going to get it!

FYI - I bought mine from this seller on ebay (based in the UK) and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the speediness of the delivery! As I said, I hit the buy it now on Thursday evening around 11:30pm and this morning (Saturday) it was mine to fill up with all my junk that I feel necessary to carry around with me!

I'll be completely honest, I haven't seen the original Alexandra Wang bag in person so cannot compare the 2 bags - all I can say is I love the bag that I have and I'm not really fussed for paying hundreds for the real deal!

So you probably just want me to shut up now and insert some pictures - here you are...

I love it! It cost a pittance (well compared with the original) at only £29.99 + £3.99 shipping and I would most definitely recommend buying - especially if you've been undecided like I was!

I'm now considering going for the bucket bag too - from the same seller obviously! Maybe next payday!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How much is your face worth?

I have seen this tag going around on a few blogs and really wanted to jump on the bandwagon and enlighten you all as to 'how much my face is worth'!

So the tag is basically where you list down how much all the products cost that you wear - I have chosen to look at my daily basics.

♥ Mac Face and Body (N1) - £25.50

♥ Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19

♥ Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £23.50

♥ Poppy Tint - mememe cosmetics - £5.25

♥ No7 stay perfect eye mousse (vanilla) - £9.00

♥ Collection 2000 colour lash mascara (clear) - £1.99

♥ Sigma 187 stippling brush - £4.08 (bought as part of the complete kit)

♥ MAC 224Tapered Blending Brush - £22.00

♥ Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush (I am honestly not sure if this is still available as it was bought in the Space NK sale a while ago) - £8.00

Total = £103.51

I am actually quite shocked at how much it has all come to considering I don't use many products on a normal work day! I'm intrigued now to see how much it would be for when I go out and use a lot more products! 

♥ How much is your face worth? 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Travelling in style

So as I mentioned in my previous post, in 7 weeks time, I shall be jetting off to Sydney (eek) which left me needing a new suitcase which was suitable for hand luggage!

The last time I went on holiday was to New York and for hand luggage, I had a lovely leather holdall which in all honestly, wasn't suitable for carrying around the airport - I needed something with wheels!

To be honest, I hadn't really looked around at what was on offer but once I saw Vivianna's post I was sold!

Just look how cute this is - I have been prancing around the house all weekend with it I

It was bought in the Topshop sale (unfortunately it is no longer available but there is another one on there) for £30, which was a bargain - it should have been £68 at full price!
Unfortunately, when my suitcase arrive the retractable hand was slightly damaged and as there were no more online I either had to get a refund or get it repaired. After having a quick chat with my Daddy and him re-assuring me it would be easily fixed, I gave Topshop customer service a call and they were extremely helpful and have refunded me 20% and postage fees, which means I actually only paid £20 - who doesn't love a bargain! I would just like to give a little shout out to Topshop customer service, they were very helpful and sorted it so promptly!

As you can see it's a black moc-croc suitcase with a faux snake trim and a pretty little bow (I absolutely adore the bow detail).

It's the perfect size for hand luggage (dimensions are L:35cm H:36cm D:21cm.) and seems to have ample room inside to fit all the carry on essentials on - plus it's got lots of secret little compartments which are just crying out to be filled!

What are your essentials for hand luggage when travelling?

Friday, 8 July 2011

G'day Mate

In just 7 weeks time, I shall be jetting off to Sydney to spend a couple of weeks with one of my best friends!

As you can imagine - I am ever so excited! I have never been to Australia and it has always been somewhere I have wanted to visit and thanks to my parents (they gave me a generous helping hand for Christmas) I shall be jetting off on the 27th August!

I hope to have one of these pictures of my own

Anyway, the reason for this post, is not to brag (although I am a little - I'm so excited) but to ask all you lovelies who have visited, what are your must do's!

I have plans to go to the Zoo (I bloody love Zoo's and have been to one in every country I've visited), visit the Blue Mountains, a sightseeing tour where I'll obviously get to see all the touristy bits and bobs and we have plans to go whale watching but I have a few days with no plans as of yet so I need some help please?

I'd love to hear any of your comments!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weekend 029

Ok so this post is a little late I know, but I have been so tired and busy after my weekend away I just haven't had time but I still wanted to post about last weekend so here it is!

(This post WILL be picture heavy and I have no apologies!)

Friday: So today I was in London - I got my train late on Thursday night and arrived at friend #1's house around 11pm! So what to do in London - head to Wimbledon of course! I have never been to Wimbledon before & decided that I should experience it whilst I was there - so after waking up at 5:30am, arriving at Wimbledon for 7:30am and queuing for my ground tickets, I found myself in a prime spot on Henman Hill and settled in for the day! Now, I have to say now - I would definitely recommend, if you have never been, you really should! The atmosphere was amazing! I did unfortunately get quite a bit of sunburn (on just the one side, because that's how I roll) but it was all worth it! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I only managed to stay for one set and a few games of the Murray match before heading on back into Central London for dinner with friend #1!

A packed Henman Hill

You've got to have strawberries when at Wimbledon

We headed to Planet Hollywood as I had a Living Social deal, which was just a bargain - 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 glasses of wine with no restirtctions to the menu, we both choose the sirloin steak and it was lovely! We then headed to a bar for half price cocktails which led to a very tired & drunken Cat and some ridiculous dancing -the phrase dance like no-one is watching springs to mind!

Saturday: This morning involved a much needed lie-in, a) because of my early morning yesterday and b) because of my slightly fragile state! Once up and feeling slightly human, I headed off to friend #2's place! We decided to have a quite an indulgent afternoon which inlcuded a visit to the Laduree cafe in Covent Garden!


Now this was my first ever experience of macaroons and OH MY-I was not disappointed at all! Following there, we headed on through Soho and found ourselves at the Hummingbird Bakery and it would of just been rude not to purchase a cupcake (or 2 in my case #fattyalert)!

We then spent the evening at a lovely local pub before heading home for an early night - I know, pretty lame!

Sunday: Today was a day for friend #3 - again, I trekked across London (I seriously wished my friends lived closer to each other) to visit my friend's new place and have an amazing roast cooked for me! It was lovely to have a relaxing afternoon after the busyness of the last few days and great to catch up! Once suitably stuffed, I headed on back to Euston to catch my train home!

I had a fantastic weekend - it was so lovely being with friends! Friends really do make life seem just fine and dandy!

The next weekend is upon us - I am definitely looking forward to a chilled out weekend! What are you up to?