Friday, 29 July 2011

Every girl needs shoes

So in the last week, I seem to have acquired 3 new pairs of shoes and why not!

So, I thought I'd share my new little treats with you!

I finally jumped on the espadrille bandwagon - a little late to the trend but better late than never! I have been looking all summer for a pair but unfortunately, due to my big clown feet, I couldn't find a pair that fitted me! Cue a spontaneous visit to Primark this week and a bargain (as always)! These little beauties were just £1 in the sale - I'm very sorry to say that they only had the one pair in my size but I nabbed them straight away and have worn them all week long!

The second pair were pretty little ballerina pumps from Next @ £25. I live in flat shoes - I very rarely wear heels due to years of not being able to that I struggle to wear heels now so I am always on the look out for pretty little pumps and these fit the bill perfectly!

The final pair, I have been looking for a while but couldn't quite bring myself to part with the cash but there was a fantastic deal on Groupon that I just couldn't resist!

These pretty little pumps are from the flatmates range at - basically, they are pumps that fold in half to fit perfectly in your handbag!

These are £35 a pair - as I said, I had a Groupon voucher which was £60 voucher for £15.99 (plus p+p)!

Have you ever tried the flatmates? I think they're going to be perfect for those long days walking around town/nights out!

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