Sunday, 10 July 2011

Travelling in style

So as I mentioned in my previous post, in 7 weeks time, I shall be jetting off to Sydney (eek) which left me needing a new suitcase which was suitable for hand luggage!

The last time I went on holiday was to New York and for hand luggage, I had a lovely leather holdall which in all honestly, wasn't suitable for carrying around the airport - I needed something with wheels!

To be honest, I hadn't really looked around at what was on offer but once I saw Vivianna's post I was sold!

Just look how cute this is - I have been prancing around the house all weekend with it I

It was bought in the Topshop sale (unfortunately it is no longer available but there is another one on there) for £30, which was a bargain - it should have been £68 at full price!
Unfortunately, when my suitcase arrive the retractable hand was slightly damaged and as there were no more online I either had to get a refund or get it repaired. After having a quick chat with my Daddy and him re-assuring me it would be easily fixed, I gave Topshop customer service a call and they were extremely helpful and have refunded me 20% and postage fees, which means I actually only paid £20 - who doesn't love a bargain! I would just like to give a little shout out to Topshop customer service, they were very helpful and sorted it so promptly!

As you can see it's a black moc-croc suitcase with a faux snake trim and a pretty little bow (I absolutely adore the bow detail).

It's the perfect size for hand luggage (dimensions are L:35cm H:36cm D:21cm.) and seems to have ample room inside to fit all the carry on essentials on - plus it's got lots of secret little compartments which are just crying out to be filled!

What are your essentials for hand luggage when travelling?

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