Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend 030

This weekend has been filled with lots and lots of laughter! A brilliant weekend I will be talking about with friends for a while I'm sure!

Friday: Although today was a work day, it was a different type of work day! I've mentioned before that I work for a charity and today we had a Ladies Lunch fundraiser which meant we could get dressed up and have a yummy meal and listen to a fab guest speaker - one of the original Calendar Girls, Tricia Stewart! This was the first ever event such as this that we'd organised but it went fab and Tricia was absolutely fabulous and completely hilarious while she told us about stories about their first ever calendar shoot etc!
The evening was followed by a fabulous 18th birthday party! I'm 25 now and was a little worried about spending the evening with a bunch of 18yr olds, what with hormones and alcohol mixing, but it was a fab party which included a bungee run and a stint in the band playing guitar (which I can't play by the way) and a bit of head banging - cue token photo!

Apologies for the quality - it's been stolen from facebook!

Saturday: Well, if you've ever been on a bungee run, I am sure you will all sympathise with me and the pain I felt today - I honestly felt like I had been in a car crash and suffered whiplash, and then thrown out so they could drive over me! Aching was not the word - it was much worse! But, I had to soldier on and prepare for an evening on the town to complete the 18th birthday celebrations! Now, I'm not one for going out much but as it was a special occasion, I dolled myself up in a dress and heels and drank copious amounts of alcohol! 

Me 2nd from the left rocking the colour blocking trend!

I had a fab night - there was lots and lots of dancing (like no-one was watching), there was a bit of pole dancing involved, split trousers by one which meant and emergency visit from my mother with a new pair! 

Sunday: Today, as you can imagine has involved nothing but lounging around with and endless supply of tea! Quite surprisingly to me, no hangover came to visit but I am definitely shattered! I am definitely not used to this whole 3:30am bed times! Plus, with all the dancing added to the already pains received via the bungee run, I am in no fit state to be doing anything today but stay curled up in bed! 

Hope you've all had a fab weekend too and the weather hasn't ruined your plans too much! 

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