Thursday, 25 August 2011

I'll be back-I promise!

Hello to all my lovely readers, 

Just a quickie to let you know that I am finally (yes, I know I've gone on about it enough) heading off on my holiday to Sydney! 

I will be back soon with LOTS of photo's to share!

I am sure to be updating twitter every now and then, if I get the chance so if you don't follow me on there and want to, there's a link on the right-hand side of your page! 

Hope you all have a good few weeks and I will see/speak/write to you all soon! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the cheap!

Today I have been in work, which to be honest, is completely pants! I'm usually a Mon-Fri worker but during the summer holiday months, we have opened up on a Saturday which means we've had to take it in turns to work and I can honestly say I hate it! I do get Monday off to make up for it, but Sunday and Monday weekends just aren't the same in my eyes!

Anyway, as things have been very quiet, and no-one else I work with works Saturdays, I took the opportunity to read back through some of my old posts-does anyone else do this?

Anyway, to the point! I saw a post from back in June where I posted about a wishlist that I was, at the time dreaming of! Included in said wishlist was a beautiful floral blazer from River Island costing £44.99!

If I'm honest, I had completely forgotten about this blazer (just shows how fickle I can be) however, it made me realise that I have recently purchased a very similar jacket type ensemble but for a fraction of the price. 

Primark: £12.99

Now I am aware that this is more of a kimono style jacket, but nevertheless, I still think they look very similar and is enough for me to feel like I got a bargain! 

I'm rather glad now that I could never find the river island jacket anywhere :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's in your carry on?

So in a 4 days time, I will be jetting of on my jollies and I can't bloomin wait-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have already packed my hand-luggage (well what I can anyway) and pretty much packed my main suitcase, but I thought I'd share with you what's packed in my carry on (and hopefully you can let me know if I've missed anything that I REALLY need to have with me on a long-haul flight)!

Purchased from the Topshop sale!

Apologies for the flashback from my bookmark-it's a gold diamond with my name engraved in to it! 

© Books: Lindsey Kelk 'The Single Girls to do list'/Lauren Conrad 'Sweet Little Lies' & Nora Roberts 'Vision in White'
I've chosen to take 3 in my carry on - mainly because I've already started the Single Girls to do list & loved it that I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish this quite quickly so decided to have a couple of back ups. I'm hoping that the films on the plane will be pretty good choices and I can spend quite a bit of the flight watching them, but if all else fails, I have these!

© Cosmetics (inside the floral make-up bag from IKEA)/Toilettries - obviously all the liquids will be transferred to a plastic bag once at the airport!

©  Mini deoderant © toothbrush © toothpaste © cleansing wipes © moisturiser © anti-bacterial handwash © mac's face & body ©mac concealer ©Moisturiser © Body Spray © My pill © Bronzer for a little pick me up! 

© Hoody - it always gets chilly on flights (it's the bf's hoody, a bit sad, but I'm going alone so have nabbed this for the holiday)
I also have the standard spare underwear in case the airways lose my luagge and a spare top to change in to - I will be on the flight for 26hrs after all - but I didn't think you needed to see my smalls ;)

Things I still need to get:
© A squishy pillow - fingers crossed for comfy sleeping (or as comfy as it can be on a flight)
© Lollipops for take off and landing (the worst part of flights for me)
© Travel sickness tabs - I'm a baby when it comes to travelling and thought of flying makes me a little queasy!

I'll see what the world of WH Smiths has to offer too at the aiport and pick up some trashy magazines - obligatory I believe!

Is there anything I have forgotten about?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekend 033

This weekend has been pretty pants to be honest - I had to work on Saturday so that pretty much ruled out any chance of enjoying it!

Friday: Me and the bf had such a scrumptious dinner tonight - as you may or may not know, I am currently on the slimming world diet and so far so good. I've been going for the last 11 weeks, mainly as support for my Mum as she wanted to join, but I'm in need of shifting a few pounds myself. Anyway, in the last 11 weeks I have managed to loose 1/2 stone, but I put on 1lb in last week's weigh in so I was determined to stick to the plan this week and get rid of that pound and whatever else before I head off on my jollies! So we've been so good all week that we decided to treat ourselves and have steak and chips for din dins tonight - yummy!

See I told you my weekend was pretty rubbish, steak and chips has been the highlight so far!?

Saturday: The dreaded work - 6 whole hours of nothingness! Ah well, the evening was much better as the X factor was back on our screens again! I absolutely loved the new judging line-up-so far, so good! And since when did Garry Barlow become such a hottie???? After one episode, I can honestly say Janet Devlin was right up my street - I've been listening to her youtube video's for the rest of the evening!

Sunday: Now today is really the first day of my weekend and it was spent with my little brother shopping! I needed a few last minute things for my hols (I don't know how many times I've popped out for some last minute things for this trip)!

Monday: I am going to include today in my weekend as I have today off work as I worked Saturday. This morning I headed off to my weekly weigh-in and I was bloody chuffed to find that I had lost 2 1/2lbs this week-set me up for the day for sure! I then spent the day having a full head of foils done - how blooming boring! However it was much needed, the colour at the bottom (underneath) was definitely a different colour to the top and it did look a little ridiculous!

I didn't have any photo's from this weekend so thought I'd include one of Minx having a lazy weekend too-such a hard life!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This will be my last weekend post for a few weeks as I'm off on my hols this Saturday, so my next weekend post will just include me flying - 26 whole hours of flying...alone (I'm a little scared if I'm completely honest)!

Hope you all have a lovely few weekends to come and I shall be back to normality once I'm back and jet-lag has left me!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Glossy Box #3

I'm sure you've seen about a million of these by now but I wanted to share what I received in my Glossybox this morning as it's slightly different to the ones I have seen so far (I've put my initial thoughts in too).

©  KMS California Colourvitality shine & shield
This smells lovely and I popped some in my hair first thing this morning before I left for work and I didn't notice a massive difference but I am on 3rd day hair so I will try again once freshly washed!

©  AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion
I dislike this - the smell of it is enough to put me off even trying it - it smells like something an older lady would wear and a bit of this on my hand was enough to make me feel a little sick!

©  Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser
I don't have any initial thoughts on this as I haven't used it yet-I may give it an outing tonight though as I am having some problems at the moment with a few unwanted spots popping up!

©  Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara
I'm not sure how I'm going to get on with this - I'm not very good with mascara (I know you're probably thinking "How? What is she on about", well I just always seem to get it all over the place) and with the brush being so big, I may struggle, but I'm looking forward it giving it a go!

©  Rebel Nails nail wraps
I have wanted to try wrap nails for a while now and I was rather excited when I saw the little note card saying that these were included - and then I saw them. I'm not overly excited about the colour/pattern-they look like sandpaper, but I'll give them a go, they might surprise me!

Overall, I'm not excited or disappointed about this months Glossybox, it's nothing to write home about but it's not awful by any means.

Did you get your Glossybox today? Did you get anything different to me?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chunky knit

After reading Lucy's latest post I decided I had to have that jumper with the elbow patches in my life!

So, when in the Trafford Centre I popped on in to Zara to seek it out but it wasn't to be! I couldn't see it anywhere and the poor shop assistant didn't have a clue what I was on about!

So, rather sulkily, I decided to look elsewhere - I'd seen some in H&M men's department already, but the bf spotted this as we were about to leave Zara and became my knight in shining armour (hehe)!


As you can see, it's a chunky knit cardy, which won't get much use at the moment (although there have been a few days over recent weeks I probably could of used it) but it will be perfect for this A/W! I absolutely love the elbow patches and can already see I will more than likely have a few different variations of cardy's/ jumpers in my wardrobe! 

Have you seen any cardy's/jumpers around with elbow patches - please let me know! 

Monday, 15 August 2011

A neutral lovers dream

I don't have a large collection of make-up by any means - I am usually pretty good in not buying things just because it's the latest craze but there have been a few things that I just couldn't resist, one being the Naked palette. I think every man and its dog has got this and yes it's amazing!

When I bought the Naked palette, I felt guilty knowing that the abundance of neutral coloured eye-shadows I already owned would probably just get put to one side and I said then that I would probably not be buing any more eye-shadows for a while, well that was until I started hearing so much about this...

 Swatches - Top row L-R
Swatches - Bottom row L-R

Yup, it's the MUA Heaven and Earth professional palette - 12 beautiful neutral shades!

There are no matte shades in the palette, but that's not really a problem for me-I don't really use matte shadows much! The quality is fantastic - brilliant colour pay-off and easily blendable - and the most important element, it only costs £4! I bought mine from (just checked and it's sold out at the moment online but keep checking!).This will definitely be going in my suitcase next week ready for hols - this is pretty much all I'll need for the holiday!

I definitely think MUA have come up with a fantastic product at such an amazing price - well done! This is my first product from MUA but I think I may have to take a look next time I'm in superdrug!

Have you tried it? Anything else from the MUA pro range you'd recommend?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekend 032

Friday: Today was a bit of a last minute day off-I was really struggling during the week and just needed some time off work and luckily the boss was fine with it! So today, me and the bf headed on out for the day and ended up in the Trafford Centre doing a spot of shopping! I love the Trafford Centre-pretty much all the shops you want all in one place - I didn't really get much other than boring toiletries for my upcoming trip (only 13 days to go people) and a beautiful chunky knit cardy from Zara (I think I'll do a post and show you this)!
I spent the evening over at the girls wedding planning - couldn't think of a better way to end a Friday!

Saturday: Today was a very special day - I got to meet a very special little boy for the very first time! My bestie had her first baby on Thursday 4th August and me and the bf got up bright and early and headed on down south to meet little Otto! I couldn't get over how small he is - I knew he'd be small, but he was much smaller than I thought (you can see I'm not a baby person hehe)!

How adorable!!!

Sunday: I've spent today feeling pretty rubbish - I woke up with a rubbish headache and having a definite fat day! So what better way to cure than than a visit to McDonalds (I know it won't help but I don't do it all the time)! My Sunday has pretty much looked like this:

Bruno Mars's 'The Lazy Song' pretty much sums it all up (except for the walking around in my birthday suit and letting it all hang loose lol)!

Hope you've all had a fantastic week - only one more weekend to get through and then I fly away - I am beyond excited now! 

Monday, 8 August 2011

Making money whilst shopping?

Can this be true? Yes, yes it is!

I'm defintely one of those people that will search around for a bargain and will try and get discount whereever and whenever I can! I am shameless - the bf usually leaves me to it once we've decided on something, I think he gets a little embarrassed!

So you can imagine my delight when he introduced me to a website called Quidco! I'm sure many of you have heard about it - if not, it's basically a money saving website that offers voucher codes or cashback for purchases. You place your order by going through Quidco and you get cashback for doing so. The amount of cashback varies depending on who your buying with or what you're buying, it's definitely worth a look before placing that order online!

You can also register your debit/credit card with it, and when you spend in certain stores, it will track your purchase and give you cashback then too - AMAZING!

I have used Quidco for a while now and have had some amazing deals - my latest one was my new mobile phone - after doing some research and deciding on the phone, I had a look to see where it was cheapest, checked quidco to see if there were any deals and there were - so direct from the phone website the website would have been £60 but by going through quidco, I got £40 cashback so the phone only cost me £20!

One thing to note though, cashback is not instant - the website usually tells you how long it estimates it'll take to get the money! I tend to save my cashback up and treat myself when it comes through!

There are other cashback sites - I've never used any so can't vouch for their reliability like Quidco, but they're definitely worth a look - you're not losing out on anything!

I am not affiliated with Quidco - I am just a savvy shopper who likes a good deal & wanted to share with you all!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend 031

So this weekend has been a lovely relaxed weekend of just spending time with the bf!

This weekend marks only 3 weeks left until I jet off to Oz and the next 2 weekends are going to be mad busy so I'm glad I've had this weekend to just potter around!

Saturday: Today was a much needed lie-in - after working last Saturday and being busy last Sunday, I feel like I haven't had the chance to properly lie-in so whether I was tired or not this morning, that's exactly what I did! Then it was up and out ready for a day just mooching around. Me and the bf headed on in to Chester-I was mainly looking for some little treats for my Uni bestie who finally had her baby this week, a little boy called Otto! If you remember a few posts back, I showed you the baby hamper that I had made for Mummy and Baby, but that was all done in neutral colours as we didn't know the sex, but now I know it's a boy, I couldn't resist buying a few more little bits!

On the way out, we pass a duck pond, and these ducks own the road near it - seriuosly, if they are out on the road, that's it, you're stuck for ages whilst they decide to cross or not, but today there was a little suprise....

How cute! I made the bf stop the car so I could get out to take pics E

The evening was spent recovering on the couch after going out for Curry - serious food baby!

Sunday: Today my local town had an Air Show, and the little enthusiast inside me couldn't resist popping along, mainly to see the Red Arrows air display - I love watching them, they are truly amazing! Then it was back home for a scrummy roast - prepared by the bf obviously, he's definitely the cook in our house!

It hasn't been the most exciting weekend, but as I said, only 2 more weekends after this and it's HOLIDAY TIME, so I made the most of time with the bf this weekend and doing nothing!

Hope you've had a fab weekend?

p.s. Have you ever bought flowers from Aldi? If not, I highly recommend - they have some fab ones and they are very cheap! I bought these gorgeous Sunflowers (my favourite flower if anyones wants to treat me *cough cough*) for just £1.80 for 3 stems!

The Cat that got the cream

Hehe the title for this post makes me giggle (yes, the saying small things amuse small minds does come to mind right now)!

Anyway, I was sat at my dressing table this morning having a look at the bits n bobs in my collection and decided that I wanted to write a little review on the cream blushers I have. Recently, cream blushers have definitely become a staple in my make-up routine, they are perfect in the summer for helping along that glowing/dewy finish most of us strive for!

Now, don't be expecting an amazing review - these are just my thoughts & rambles on the few cream blushers I have - there's only 4 after all! So here goes...

Top: (L) NYX 08 Hot Pink, (R) NYX 10 Golden; Bottom (L) MAC Ladyblush, (R) Topshop Neon Rose

Top: (L) NYX 08 Hot Pink, (R) NYX 10 Golden; Bottom (L) MAC Ladyblush, (R) Topshop Neon Rose

NYX 08 Hot Pink Rough Cream Blush
Price: £6.99 (bought from - they do have a UK site now where they are priced at £9.95)
Size: 3.5g

I love this colour - as you can see it is very bright indeed and the pigmentation is brilliant - it really does transfer to the skin as a very bright pink (exactly what you'd expect hot pink to be)!
I bought this (along with Golden) a while ago now as I was very curious about cream blushers but didn't want to spend a fortune, you know, just in case I didn't get on with them. So I set about doing some research to see what people were recommending and heard a lot about these little beauties by NYX.
The formulation is amazing - very creamy which for me means it's very easy to blend! As I said, the colour pay-off is amazing, you really only need to tap your brush in to the pan and it's covered in colour so these will last a blooming life-time!

NYX 10 Golden Rough Cream Blush
Price: £6.99 (bought from - they do have a UK site now where they are priced at £9.95)
Size: 3.5g

Golden gives a lovely pinky/golden glow to the skin which is perfect for those sunny days (which the UK seems to have forgotten we're supposed to have in the summer months)! The formulation, like Hot Pink is brilliant, very creams and again, a little goes a long way!

The swatches below are of one swipe of colour and then to the right, a swipe blended in to show you what it looks like once applied!
(L) Hot Pink; (R) Golden

MAC Ladyblush Blushcreme
Price: £17.00 (bought from MAC - creamblend blush)
Size: 6g

This is definitely a cult beauty item - I have seen so many reviews/hauls that have included this item so naturally, I had to buy to pop in my collection! I like it, but I don't think it's amazing - the formulation is good, creamy enough but a little thicker than the formulation of the NYX ones so a little more work needed to blend!

Topshop Neon Rose Blush
Price: £6.00 (bought from Topshop)
Size: 4g

When Topshop brought out their make-up collection back in 2010, the neon rose blush became a very quick hit with everyone, and as always, I followed the trend a bought as soon as I could (I'll admit it-I'm a little follower hehe)! If I'm honest, this is my least favourite out of the 4 cream blushers I have - I have hardly used it, it sits alone at the bottom of my collection un-loved! I find the formulation a little odd - in the pan it seems like a cream blush but when applied, it's like a powder and I find it a little difficult to work with - it may be just me though!

(L) Neon Rose, (R) Ladyblush

I think overall, my favourites are the NYX ones - great value for money (even though they are the smallest they work out cheaper per gram than the MAC ones), great formulation and definitely amazing pigmentation!

What are your favourite cream blushers - I think my next purchase will be an illamasqua one, any recommendations?

Friday, 5 August 2011

A bloglift

So, recently I have really want to give my blog a facelift but I am a little creatively challenged - well I have plenty of idea's but not the know-how to put them down in design!

One night this week whilst perusing Twitetr, I noticed a re-tween about DesignForMakeup which got me very intrigued.

Basically, DesignForMakeUp is a lovely lady who will design blog headers, Images and banners for advertising and promotions, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube backgrounds and avatars in return for a little bit of make-up that you either don't need / don't like / don't use / have in excess / received for test.

Now I think this is a fab idea and I dropped her an email to see if she was able to help me out with a few idea's I had and she truly did just that and gave be a fantastic new header, blog button, favicon and twitter background! 

I would definitely recommend DesignForMakeup, if you're looking for a blog-lift or some design work for any of your other platforms! 

I love my new design and hope you all do too!