Friday, 5 August 2011

A bloglift

So, recently I have really want to give my blog a facelift but I am a little creatively challenged - well I have plenty of idea's but not the know-how to put them down in design!

One night this week whilst perusing Twitetr, I noticed a re-tween about DesignForMakeup which got me very intrigued.

Basically, DesignForMakeUp is a lovely lady who will design blog headers, Images and banners for advertising and promotions, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube backgrounds and avatars in return for a little bit of make-up that you either don't need / don't like / don't use / have in excess / received for test.

Now I think this is a fab idea and I dropped her an email to see if she was able to help me out with a few idea's I had and she truly did just that and gave be a fantastic new header, blog button, favicon and twitter background! 

I would definitely recommend DesignForMakeup, if you're looking for a blog-lift or some design work for any of your other platforms! 

I love my new design and hope you all do too! 

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