Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Cat that got the cream

Hehe the title for this post makes me giggle (yes, the saying small things amuse small minds does come to mind right now)!

Anyway, I was sat at my dressing table this morning having a look at the bits n bobs in my collection and decided that I wanted to write a little review on the cream blushers I have. Recently, cream blushers have definitely become a staple in my make-up routine, they are perfect in the summer for helping along that glowing/dewy finish most of us strive for!

Now, don't be expecting an amazing review - these are just my thoughts & rambles on the few cream blushers I have - there's only 4 after all! So here goes...

Top: (L) NYX 08 Hot Pink, (R) NYX 10 Golden; Bottom (L) MAC Ladyblush, (R) Topshop Neon Rose

Top: (L) NYX 08 Hot Pink, (R) NYX 10 Golden; Bottom (L) MAC Ladyblush, (R) Topshop Neon Rose

NYX 08 Hot Pink Rough Cream Blush
Price: £6.99 (bought from - they do have a UK site now where they are priced at £9.95)
Size: 3.5g

I love this colour - as you can see it is very bright indeed and the pigmentation is brilliant - it really does transfer to the skin as a very bright pink (exactly what you'd expect hot pink to be)!
I bought this (along with Golden) a while ago now as I was very curious about cream blushers but didn't want to spend a fortune, you know, just in case I didn't get on with them. So I set about doing some research to see what people were recommending and heard a lot about these little beauties by NYX.
The formulation is amazing - very creamy which for me means it's very easy to blend! As I said, the colour pay-off is amazing, you really only need to tap your brush in to the pan and it's covered in colour so these will last a blooming life-time!

NYX 10 Golden Rough Cream Blush
Price: £6.99 (bought from - they do have a UK site now where they are priced at £9.95)
Size: 3.5g

Golden gives a lovely pinky/golden glow to the skin which is perfect for those sunny days (which the UK seems to have forgotten we're supposed to have in the summer months)! The formulation, like Hot Pink is brilliant, very creams and again, a little goes a long way!

The swatches below are of one swipe of colour and then to the right, a swipe blended in to show you what it looks like once applied!
(L) Hot Pink; (R) Golden

MAC Ladyblush Blushcreme
Price: £17.00 (bought from MAC - creamblend blush)
Size: 6g

This is definitely a cult beauty item - I have seen so many reviews/hauls that have included this item so naturally, I had to buy to pop in my collection! I like it, but I don't think it's amazing - the formulation is good, creamy enough but a little thicker than the formulation of the NYX ones so a little more work needed to blend!

Topshop Neon Rose Blush
Price: £6.00 (bought from Topshop)
Size: 4g

When Topshop brought out their make-up collection back in 2010, the neon rose blush became a very quick hit with everyone, and as always, I followed the trend a bought as soon as I could (I'll admit it-I'm a little follower hehe)! If I'm honest, this is my least favourite out of the 4 cream blushers I have - I have hardly used it, it sits alone at the bottom of my collection un-loved! I find the formulation a little odd - in the pan it seems like a cream blush but when applied, it's like a powder and I find it a little difficult to work with - it may be just me though!

(L) Neon Rose, (R) Ladyblush

I think overall, my favourites are the NYX ones - great value for money (even though they are the smallest they work out cheaper per gram than the MAC ones), great formulation and definitely amazing pigmentation!

What are your favourite cream blushers - I think my next purchase will be an illamasqua one, any recommendations?

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  1. Ooh, this was really helpful for me, as I've been eyeing off the Nyx cream blush for several weeks now, debating whether to give it a go or not! So thank you, I think I will! x


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