Monday, 8 August 2011

Making money whilst shopping?

Can this be true? Yes, yes it is!

I'm defintely one of those people that will search around for a bargain and will try and get discount whereever and whenever I can! I am shameless - the bf usually leaves me to it once we've decided on something, I think he gets a little embarrassed!

So you can imagine my delight when he introduced me to a website called Quidco! I'm sure many of you have heard about it - if not, it's basically a money saving website that offers voucher codes or cashback for purchases. You place your order by going through Quidco and you get cashback for doing so. The amount of cashback varies depending on who your buying with or what you're buying, it's definitely worth a look before placing that order online!

You can also register your debit/credit card with it, and when you spend in certain stores, it will track your purchase and give you cashback then too - AMAZING!

I have used Quidco for a while now and have had some amazing deals - my latest one was my new mobile phone - after doing some research and deciding on the phone, I had a look to see where it was cheapest, checked quidco to see if there were any deals and there were - so direct from the phone website the website would have been £60 but by going through quidco, I got £40 cashback so the phone only cost me £20!

One thing to note though, cashback is not instant - the website usually tells you how long it estimates it'll take to get the money! I tend to save my cashback up and treat myself when it comes through!

There are other cashback sites - I've never used any so can't vouch for their reliability like Quidco, but they're definitely worth a look - you're not losing out on anything!

I am not affiliated with Quidco - I am just a savvy shopper who likes a good deal & wanted to share with you all!


  1. I've used Quidco for a few years now and it's fab, love it!!

    Sadie x

  2. Quidco is great! It's been really good for us for insurance and holidays booked - kerching! :) x


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