Monday, 15 August 2011

A neutral lovers dream

I don't have a large collection of make-up by any means - I am usually pretty good in not buying things just because it's the latest craze but there have been a few things that I just couldn't resist, one being the Naked palette. I think every man and its dog has got this and yes it's amazing!

When I bought the Naked palette, I felt guilty knowing that the abundance of neutral coloured eye-shadows I already owned would probably just get put to one side and I said then that I would probably not be buing any more eye-shadows for a while, well that was until I started hearing so much about this...

 Swatches - Top row L-R
Swatches - Bottom row L-R

Yup, it's the MUA Heaven and Earth professional palette - 12 beautiful neutral shades!

There are no matte shades in the palette, but that's not really a problem for me-I don't really use matte shadows much! The quality is fantastic - brilliant colour pay-off and easily blendable - and the most important element, it only costs £4! I bought mine from (just checked and it's sold out at the moment online but keep checking!).This will definitely be going in my suitcase next week ready for hols - this is pretty much all I'll need for the holiday!

I definitely think MUA have come up with a fantastic product at such an amazing price - well done! This is my first product from MUA but I think I may have to take a look next time I'm in superdrug!

Have you tried it? Anything else from the MUA pro range you'd recommend?


  1. I've been lusting after this palette ever since I first laid eyes on it - going to Liverpool for a day out tomorrow so will hunt it down! ^.^

  2. I really want this palette, the shades look gorgeous! I'm popping into town soon so hopefully I can get my hands on one xx

  3. The shades are lovely - brilliant colours! Definitely search for it-for £4 you can't go wrong :) XX

  4. Oh hopefully they'll have it there - they don't have it anywhere near me because they're all small stores so hopefully the big ones will! Fingers crossed for you xx


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