Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the cheap!

Today I have been in work, which to be honest, is completely pants! I'm usually a Mon-Fri worker but during the summer holiday months, we have opened up on a Saturday which means we've had to take it in turns to work and I can honestly say I hate it! I do get Monday off to make up for it, but Sunday and Monday weekends just aren't the same in my eyes!

Anyway, as things have been very quiet, and no-one else I work with works Saturdays, I took the opportunity to read back through some of my old posts-does anyone else do this?

Anyway, to the point! I saw a post from back in June where I posted about a wishlist that I was, at the time dreaming of! Included in said wishlist was a beautiful floral blazer from River Island costing £44.99!

If I'm honest, I had completely forgotten about this blazer (just shows how fickle I can be) however, it made me realise that I have recently purchased a very similar jacket type ensemble but for a fraction of the price. 

Primark: £12.99

Now I am aware that this is more of a kimono style jacket, but nevertheless, I still think they look very similar and is enough for me to feel like I got a bargain! 

I'm rather glad now that I could never find the river island jacket anywhere :)

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