Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend 031

So this weekend has been a lovely relaxed weekend of just spending time with the bf!

This weekend marks only 3 weeks left until I jet off to Oz and the next 2 weekends are going to be mad busy so I'm glad I've had this weekend to just potter around!

Saturday: Today was a much needed lie-in - after working last Saturday and being busy last Sunday, I feel like I haven't had the chance to properly lie-in so whether I was tired or not this morning, that's exactly what I did! Then it was up and out ready for a day just mooching around. Me and the bf headed on in to Chester-I was mainly looking for some little treats for my Uni bestie who finally had her baby this week, a little boy called Otto! If you remember a few posts back, I showed you the baby hamper that I had made for Mummy and Baby, but that was all done in neutral colours as we didn't know the sex, but now I know it's a boy, I couldn't resist buying a few more little bits!

On the way out, we pass a duck pond, and these ducks own the road near it - seriuosly, if they are out on the road, that's it, you're stuck for ages whilst they decide to cross or not, but today there was a little suprise....

How cute! I made the bf stop the car so I could get out to take pics E

The evening was spent recovering on the couch after going out for Curry - serious food baby!

Sunday: Today my local town had an Air Show, and the little enthusiast inside me couldn't resist popping along, mainly to see the Red Arrows air display - I love watching them, they are truly amazing! Then it was back home for a scrummy roast - prepared by the bf obviously, he's definitely the cook in our house!

It hasn't been the most exciting weekend, but as I said, only 2 more weekends after this and it's HOLIDAY TIME, so I made the most of time with the bf this weekend and doing nothing!

Hope you've had a fab weekend?

p.s. Have you ever bought flowers from Aldi? If not, I highly recommend - they have some fab ones and they are very cheap! I bought these gorgeous Sunflowers (my favourite flower if anyones wants to treat me *cough cough*) for just £1.80 for 3 stems!


  1. How CUTE are the duckies (are they ducks? I'm not very good with poultry!) I love how fluffy the baby ones look! x

  2. I know they are truly adorable! My dad called them goslings (not sure what that is) but I'm happy with ducks hehe! XX


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